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Attitudinal Analysis of Work/School Travel



Available online at doi: 10.1287/trsc.15.3.233

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Koppelman, Frank S. and Patricia L. Mokhtarian (1981) Attitudinal Analysis of Work/School Travel. Transportation Science 15 (3), 233 - 254

This report describes the analysis of the choice of travel mode for trips to work or school through the study of attitudinal and behavioral responses. Travel behavior (mode choice) is linked to attitudes about the alternative modes through an intermediate preference construct. Individual attitudes are analyzed to obtain measures of perceptions of and feelings toward available transportation modes. These measures are related to mode preference, and preferences and situational constraints are related to choice. Differences in the perception-feelings-preference-choice formulation between travelers making local work trips and those making suburb-to-CBD work trips are identified and interpreted. The paper identifies (1) similarities and differences in the way perceptions are formulated and used to evaluate travel alternatives for local and suburb-to-CBD commuter trips and (2) the importance of including feelings measures in models of travel mode preference and choice.