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Merging Expert Perspectives to Site DC Fast Charging



Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center

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Metcalf, Morgan Davis, Lucy McKenzie, Jonathan Donadee, Michael A. Nicholas, Gil Tal, Wei Ji, Ashley Horvat, Ray Jenks, Akhil Jariwala, Marc Wiseman, Sujith Kollamthodi, Sabrin Mohamed, Calder Silcox (2016) Merging Expert Perspectives to Site DC Fast Charging. Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition 29

The authors amassed their significant and varied expertise in plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure to undertake a study of optimal DC fast charger siting within Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E’s) utility service territory. The study combined EV adoption forecasts from Ricardo, PlugShare data on California’s existing EV charging infrastructure, and a detailed model from UC Davis, in order to forecast likely unmet charging demand in 2025. The authors further utilized existing literature, expert interviews, and PG&E’s distribution network data to formulate an algorithm, which outputs driver- and cost-friendly potential charger sites within areas of greatest unmet demand. Finally, the team created a micro-siting rubric to enable charging network developers on the ground to score, weight and sort DC fast charger sites to offer maximum support to EV adoption at least cost.