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Review of Life-Cycle-Based Environmental Assessments of Geotechnical Systems



Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (STEPS)

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Kendall, Alissa, Alena B. Raymond, James Tipton, Jason T. DeJong (2018) Review of Life-Cycle-Based Environmental Assessments of Geotechnical Systems . Engineering Sustainability 171 (2), 57 - 67

This paper presents a critical review of studies that apply life-cycle assessment or life-cycle-based environmental analysis methods to geotechnical systems. The goal of this review is to evaluate the current state of practice for life-cycle assessment in geotechnical engineering and to identify critical gaps in current practice and key issues for future research efforts. Additionally, this review examines sources of variability and uncertainty across the studies and provides recommendations for best practice in future assessments. Aside from challenges in creating a practicable framework, many barriers to implementation exist – including the availability of region-specific data, the quality and granularity of data and challenges in comparing geotechnical systems due to spatial heterogeneity and design decisions, among others. Further research is needed to develop guidelines for life-cycle assessments tailored to geotechnical systems to establish common criteria and methods for future studies.