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Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Batteries in Lower- and Middle-income Countries: Life Cycle Impacts and Issues 2023 Research Report
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Tool for Civil Engineering Research Prioritization and Project Decision Making 2022 Book Chapter
Brief: Demonstrating the Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Complete Streets 2022 Brief
Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Recycled Content Standards for the US – Targets, Costs, and Environmental Impacts 2022 Journal Article
Case Studies of Socio-Economic and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Complete Streets 2022 Research Report
Improving Our Understanding of Transport Electrification Benefits for Disadvantaged Communities 2022 Research Report
Assessing the Three Es—Environment, Economy, and Equity—in Climate Action Plans 2022 Research Report
Literature Review on Policies to Mitigate GHG Emissions for Cement and Concrete 2022 Journal Article
Brief: How Much Do Local Climate Action Plans in California Consider Emissions, Cost, and Equity? 2022 Brief
Brief: Can Complete Streets Deliver on Sustainability? 2021 Brief
Prioritizing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Local Governments Using Marginal Abatement Cost 2021 Journal Article
Empirical Analysis of the Role of Incentives in Zero-Emission Last-Mile Deliveries in California 2021 Journal Article
Circularity of Lithium-Ion Battery Materials in Electric Vehicles 2021 Journal Article
Global Implications of the EU Battery Regulation 2021 Journal Article
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Geotechnical Ground Improvement Methods 2021 Journal Article
Transportation of Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries at End-Of-Life: A Literature Review 2021 Journal Article
Applying Levelized Cost of Storage Methodology to Utility-Scale Second-Life Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems 2021 Journal Article
Brief: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities for Local Governments: A Quantification and Prioritization Framework 2020 Research Report
Brief: Climate Action Plans Should Quantify Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Costs to Achieve Meaningful, Cost-Effective Emissions Reductions 2020 Brief
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Six Strategies for GHG Reduction in Caltrans Operations 2020 Research Report
Brief: A Combined Urban Metabolism and Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Improve the Sustainability of Urban Hardscapes 2020 Brief
Trends in Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Future Light Duty Electric Vehicles 2020 Research Report
Effects of Increased Weights of Alternative Fuel Trucks on Pavement and Bridges 2020 Research Report
Brief: Heavier Alternative Fuel Trucks Are Not Expected to Cause Significant Additional Pavement Damage 2020 Brief
Closing the Loop on Platinum from Catalytic Converters: Contributions from Material Flow Analysis and Circularity Indicators 2019 Journal Article
Brief: Life Cycle-Based Policies Are Required to Achieve Emissions Goals from Light-Duty Vehicles 2019 Brief
Life Cycle Modeling of Technologies and Strategies for a Sustainable Freight System in California 2019 Research Report
Management of the End-Of-Life of Light and Heavy Vehicles in the U.S.: Comparison with the European Union in a Circular Economy Perspective 2019 Journal Article
Consequential Analysis of Algal Biofuels: Benefits to Ocean Resources 2019 Journal Article
White Paper on Alternate Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Life Cycle Approach Using a Supply Curve 2019 Research Report
Understanding the Future of Lithium: Part 2, Temporally and Spatially Resolved Lifeâ€Cycle Assessment Modeling 2019 Journal Article
Understanding the Future of Lithium: Part 1, Resource Model 2019 Journal Article
The Role of Industrial Ecology in Food and Agriculture's Adaptation to Climate Change 2019 Journal Article
Life Cycle Assessment of California Unsweetened Almond Milk 2019 Journal Article
Effects of System Design and Co-Product Treatment Strategies on the Life Cycle Performance of Biofuels from Microalgae 2019 Journal Article
Supply Curves Using LCA and LCCA for Conceptual Evaluation of Proposed Policies to Improve the Environment 2019 Journal Article
Program for Vehicle Regulatory Reform: Assessing Life Cycle-Based Greenhouse Gas Standards 2018 Research Report
Optimization of a Biomass-Integrated Renewable Energy Microgrid with Demand Side Management Under Uncertainty 2018 Journal Article
Optimal Design and Operating Strategies for a Biomass-Fueled Combined Heat and Power System with Energy Storage 2018 Journal Article
What About the Circular Economy of Vehicles in the U.S.? an Extension of the Analysis Done in the EU by Saidani et al. (2017) 2018 Journal Article
Framework for Life Cycle Assessment of Complete Streets Projects 2018 Research Report
Framework for Urban Metabolism and Life Cycle Assessment of Hardscape 2018 Research Report
Review of Life-Cycle-Based Environmental Assessments of Geotechnical Systems 2018 Journal Article
Sugar Beet Ethanol (Beta vulgaris L.): A Promising Low-Carbon Pathway for Ethanol Production in California 2018 Journal Article
Exploring the Costs of Electrification for California's Transit Agencies 2017 Research Report
Effects of Battery Chemistry and Performance on the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Electric Mobility 2016 Journal Article
Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Framework 2016 Research Report
A Regional Assessment of Land, Irrigation Water, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canola Biodiesel Feedstock Production in California 2016 Journal Article
Life Cycle Environmental and Natural Resource Implications of Energy Efficiency Technologies 2016 Journal Article
From Cradle to Junkyard: Assessing the Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Electric Vehicles 2015 Journal Article
NCST White Paper: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Construction and Maintenance 2015 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Construction and Maintenance 2015 Research Report
Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of a Bridge with Different Strengthening Schemes 2015 Journal Article
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Strategic Management of Highway Pavement Roughness 2014 Journal Article
A Comparison of On-Site Nutrient and Energy Recycling Technologies in Algal Oil Production 2014 Journal Article
Life Cycle Analysis of Biochemical Cellulosic Ethanol under Multiple Scenarios 2014 Journal Article
Life Cycle Inventory Development for Corn and Stover Production Systems Under Different Allocation Methods 2013 Journal Article
Comparing Environmental Impacts of Regional and National-Scale Food Supply Chains: A Case Study of Processed Tomatoes 2013 Journal Article
Comparing Life Cycle Assessments of Different Biofuel Options 2013 Journal Article
Field Measurement of Albedo for Different Land Cover Materials and Effects on Thermal Performance 2013 Journal Article
Network-Level Life-Cycle Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas from CAPM Treatments 2013 Research Report
Life Cycle Assessment for Local Government Pavements: What Questions Should We Be Addressing and How? 2013 Journal Article
UCPRC Life Cycle Assessment Methodology and Initial Case Studies on Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions for Pavement Preservation Treatments with Different Rolling Resistance 2012 Research Report
Time-adjusted Global Warming Potentials for LCA and Carbon Footprints 2012 Journal Article
Life Cycle Energy Consumption and GHG Emission from Pavement Rehabilitation with Different Rolling Resistance 2012 Journal Article
Incorporating Time-Corrected Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Vehicle Regulations 2012 Journal Article
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Infrastructure Construction for California's High-Speed Rail System 2011 Journal Article
"Key Measurement Uncertainties for Biofuel Policy" chapter 12 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Journal Article
Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Workshop: Discussion Summary and Guidelines 2010 Research Report
Megaquarry versus Decentralized Mineral Production: Network Analysis of Cement Production in the Great Lakes Region, USA 2010 Journal Article
Life-Cycle Optimization of Pavement Overlay Systems 2010 Journal Article
Accounting for Time-Dependent Effects in Biofuel Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations 2009 Journal Article
Estimating Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Corn-Ethanol: A Critical Review of Current U.S. Practices 2009 Journal Article
Proper Accounting for Time Increases Crop-Based Biofuels' Greenhouse Gas Deficit versus Petroleum 2009 Journal Article