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Development of the CalME Standard Materials Library


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UC Pavement Research Center

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Wu, Rongzong, Junwen Zhou, John T. Harvey (2018) Development of the CalME Standard Materials Library. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report UCD-ITS-RR-18-09

The main purpose of the project is to improve the ability of Caltrans pavement designers to use mechanistic-empirical (ME) pavement design procedures that were developed and calibrated for California conditions as part of Partnered Pavement Research Center Strategic Plan Element (PPRC SPE) 4.1 and refined in SPE 3.4. Specifically this project is part of a long-term series of tasks to collect regional materials data for use by Caltrans in ME flexible pavement designs and rehabilitations. This technical memorandum documents the current state of the Standard Materials Library (SML) for CalME, the ME analysis and design computer program for flexible pavements developed by the UCPRC for Caltrans. This technical memorandum summarizes the role of the SML in the ME design process, the classifications of different pavement materials, the relevant models applicable to each material group, and the processes for identifying various model parameters. The technical memorandum also describes how construction variabilities are accounted for in the SML. A full list of materials included in the SML at the completion of this task in 2014 is presented, including the research conducted up to that time on the materials and how their model parameters were determined.

Keywords: mechanistic-empirical, design, Standard Materials Library, models

UC Pavement Research Center Technical Memorandum UCPRC-TM-2014-08