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Exploring the Value of Clean Air Vehicles High Occupancy Lane Access in California



Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center

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Ji, Wei and Gil Tal (2019) Exploring the Value of Clean Air Vehicles High Occupancy Lane Access in California. Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting

This paper estimates the value of the California program that allows single-occupant use of high occupancy vehicle lanes by plug-in vehicles and to benefit from reduced tolls same as high occupancy vehicles. A survey was conducted that targeted PEV owners in California to understand their attitudes towards EV-related incentive policies, as well as their commute routes and the frequency of their access to high occupancy vehicle/toll (HOV/T) lanes. In San Francisco Bay Area for example, 32% reported that they are paying reduced tolls of about $540 dollars per year and 28% save on commute time while driving alone. The value of a program was estimated based on the toll savings reported and the value of travel time savings for each survey respondent while commuting, and the estimated value was compared with the corresponding Clean Vehicle Rebate for which the respondent was eligible. The authors also examined the spatial heterogeneity of CAV decal value across different regions and tested the impact of local HOV/T lane accessibility to the value of CAV decals.

Key words: Access, electric vehicles, high occupancy vehicle lanes, single occupant vehicles, tolls