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Designing Robo-Taxis to Promote Ride-Pooling


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3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program

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Sanguinetti, Angela, Beth Ferguson, Jamie Oka, Eli Alston-Stepnitz (2020) Designing Robo-Taxis to Promote Ride-Pooling. IHIET 2020: Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Applications III, 10 - 16

Robo-taxis (automated vehicles operating in a ride-hailing model) have the potential to improve mobility while reducing traffic, emissions, and energy use. However, such outcomes depend largely on increasing riders per vehicle. Public policy that incentivizes industry to design robo-taxis to support ride-pooling may be critical to achieving positive outcomes. This research reviews current shared automated vehicle designs and literature related to potential consumer risks and benefits of ride-pooling in robo-taxis in order to articulate potential design solutions to promote pooling.
Key words: Automated vehicles, Ride-sharing, Ride-pooling, Design