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Angela Sanguinetti

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Pooled and Shared Travel in the Wake of the Pandemic: An Inventory and User and Expert Assessments of Vehicle Design Strategies to Mitigate Risk of Disease Transmission 2021 Research Report
Bringing Behavior-Analytic Theory to Eco-driving Research: Verbal Rules Mediate the Effectiveness of Feedback for Professional and Civilian Drivers 2021 Reprint
Characteristics and Experiences of Ride-Hailing Drivers with Electric Vehicles 2021 Reprint
Residential Solar Water Heating: California Adopters and Their Experiences 2021 Reprint
Positive Reinforcement Is Just the Beginning: Associative Learning Principles for Energy Efficiency and Climate Sustainability 2021 Reprint
Cohousing By Any Other Name: A Framing Study Exploring Ideological Barriers to Adoption of Collectivist Housing Options 2021 Reprint
More room for cohousing in the United States: Understanding diffusion potential by exploring who knows about, who likes, and who would consider living in cohousing 2021 Reprint
The Design of Intentional Communities: A Recycled Perspective on Sustainable Neighborhoods 2021 Reprint
Nudging consumers toward greener air travel by adding carbon to the equation in online flight search 2021 Reprint
Facilitating Electric Vehicle Adoption with Vehicle Cost Calculators 2021 Reprint
Facilitating Micromobility For First And Last Mile Connection With Public Transit Through Environmental Design: A Case Study Of California Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations 2021 Reprint
Practitioner Guide: An Inventory of Vehicle Design Strategies Aimed at Reducing COVID-19 Transmission in Public and Private Pooled and Shared Transportation 2021 Research Report
Use cases and best practices for map-based energy data visualizations 2020 Reprint
Towards a Better Understanding of Non-Energy Impacts Associated with Residential Energy Retrofit Projects 2020 Reprint
Beyond Curtailment and Efficiency: Identifying Household Energy and Water Saving Measure Classes 2020 Reprint
Connected thermostats for low income households: Insights from user testing 2020 Reprint
Ventilation rates in California classrooms: Why many recent HVAC retrofits are not delivering sufficient ventilation 2020 Reprint
Farmers Markets As Restorative Environments 2020 Reprint
Improving Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality in California K-12 Schools 2020 Research Report
Designing Robo-Taxis to Promote Ride-Pooling 2020 Reprint
Of Impacts, Agents, and Functions: An Interdisciplinary Meta-Review of Smart Home Energy Management Systems Research 2020 Reprint
Average impact and important features of onboard eco-driving feedback: A meta-analysis 2020 Reprint
Brief: Best Practices for Electric Vehicle Cost Calculator User Interfaces 2020 Brief
Brief: Emissions Information Can Prompt Travelers to Purchase Greener Flights 2020 Brief
Facilitating Electric Vehicle Adoption with Vehicle Cost Calculators 2020 Research Report
Adding Carbon to the Equation in Online Flight Search 2020 Research Report
Characteristics and Experiences of Ride-Hailing Drivers with Plug-in Electric Vehicles 2020 Research Report
Is It OK to Get in a Car with a Stranger? Risks and Benefits of Ride-pooling in Shared Automated Vehicles 2019 Research Report
Policy Brief: Average Impact and Key Features of Onboard Eco-Driving Feedback 2019 Brief
Developer-driven sustainable communities: lessons from a case study of The Sustainable City in Dubai 2019 Reprint
Policy Brief: Vehicle Design May Be Critical to Encourage Ride-Pooling in Shared Automated Vehicles 2019 Brief
Brief: EV Explorer: Educating and Persuading Consumers with an OnlineVehicle Energy Cost Calculator 2019 Brief
Solar Water Heating Assessment Project: Understanding and Improving Effectiveness for California Households 2019 Research Report
Electrical Energy Storage and Energy Management System for the Sustainable City in Dubai 2019 Research Report
Information, timing, and display: A design-behavior framework for improving the effectiveness of eco-feedback 2018 Reprint
What’s energy management got to do with it? Exploring the role of energy management in the smart home adoption process 2018 Reprint
Home energy management (HEM) database: A list with coded attributes of 308 devices commercially available in the US 2018 Brief
Aligning Occupant Behavior with ZNE Community Goals and Assumptions: Quantifying and Leveraging Behavioral Plasticity 2018 Reprint
Keeping track to stay on track for zero net energy: Modeling building and end use consumption targets for a ZNE community 2018 Reprint
Smart Home Energy Management: Use Cases and Savings Opportunities 2018 Reprint
Not your average energy feedback: A public tangible display in a zero-net energy office 2018 Reprint
Smart home products with energy management implications: Characterizing and comparing adoption, experiences, and outcomes 2018 Reprint
Using social dynamics to explain uptake in energy saving measures: Lessons from space conditioning interventions in Japan and California 2018 Reprint
Understanding the path to smart home adoption: Segmenting and describing consumers across the innovation-decision process 2018 Reprint
Promoting a Culture Of Sustainability in The Sustainable City: Identifying and Adapting Best Practices 2018 Research Report
Onboard Feedback to Promote Eco-Driving: Average Impact and Important Features 2018 Research Report
The Many Reasons Your Mileage May Vary: Toward a Unifying Typology of Eco-Driving Behaviors 2017 Reprint
Smart home consumers: Comparing self-reported and observed attitudes 2017 Reprint
Smarter Together? A Stakeholder Analysis of Perspectives on Home Energy Management 2017 Reprint
Occupant Thermal Feedback for Improved Efficiency in University Buildings 2017 Reprint
Upscaling Participatory Thermal Sensing: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Case Study at University of California for Improving Campus Efficiency and Comfort 2017 Reprint
Electric Vehicle Explorer: Educating  and Persuading Consumers with an Online Vehicle Energy Cost Calculator 2017 Reprint
GreenFLY: Adding Carbon to the Equation in Online Flight Searches 2017 Reprint
EcoTrips: Leveraging Co-benefits and Metaphorical Metrics in a Mobile App to Promote Walking and Biking for Short Trips 2017 Reprint
Leveraging Multiple Methods to See the Big Picture 2017 Reprint
A Typology of In-Vehicle Eco-Driving Feedback 2017 Reprint
Categories and functionality of smart home technology for energy management 2017 Reprint
A Review of Psychosocial and Interpersonal Determinants of Sexuality in Older Adulthood 2017 Reprint
Assessing Players, Products, and Perceptions of Home Energy Management 2016 Reprint
EV Explorer: Evaluating a Vehicle Information Tool 2016 Working Paper
How Do Small Businesses Experience Energy Reports? 2016 Reprint
TherMOOstat: Occupant Feedback to Improve Comfort and Efficiency on a University Campus 2016 Reprint
The Iterative Design of a University Energy Dashboard 2016 Reprint
OBDEnergy: Making Metrics Meaningful in Eco-driving Feedback 2015 Reprint
NCST White Paper: Actual Results May Vary: A Behavioral Review of Eco-Driving for Policy Makers 2015 Research Report
Diversifying Cohousing: The Retrofit Model 2015 Reprint
Diffusion of Feedback: Perceptions and Adoption of Devices in the Residential Market 2015 Reprint
Characterization and Potential of Home Energy Management (HEM) Technology 2015 Reprint
NCST Policy Brief: "Actual Results May Vary": A Behavioral Review of Eco-Driving Research for Policy Makers 2015 Research Report
Functional Analysis of Labeling Acts of Sexual Violence: a Commentary on Sasson and Paul 2014 Reprint
Transformational Practices in Cohousing: Enhancing Residents' Connection to Community and Nature 2014 Reprint
Dimensions of Conservation: Exploring Differences Among Energy Behaviors 2012 Reprint
Functional Assessment of Drug Trafficking Terms: A Substantive and Methodological Expansion of a Verbal Behavior Research Program 2011 Reprint