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A Perspective on Equity in the Transition to Electric Vehicles



Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center

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Hardman, Scott, Kelly Fleming, Eesha Khare, Mahmoud M. Ramadan (2021) A Perspective on Equity in the Transition to Electric Vehicles. MIT Science Policy Review 2, 46 - 54

Since the recent introduction of electric vehicles began in 2008-2010, 80 different electric vehicle models and close to 2 million electric vehicles have been sold in the US. The need to commercialize electric vehicles meant research and policy has so far focused on how to establish the early electric vehicle market. The newness of electric vehicles, their high upfront cost, the need for charging access, and other issues meant equity has been overlooked. As regions progress toward goals of 100% electric vehicle sales, research and policy should consider how to establish a more equitable electric vehicle market so that the benefits of electrification are experienced by all and so that low-income households are not imposed with higher transportation costs.

Keywords: electric vehicles, equity, demographics