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Validating the Outcome of Partnering on Major Capital Projects


Journal Article

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Niemeier, Debbie A. and Aaron Fackler (2017) Validating the Outcome of Partnering on Major Capital Projects. United States Department of Transportation

Research on the mechanics of successful collaborative partnering in roadway construction is relatively scarce; however, there is general agreement that successful partnering can result in better budget and schedule control as well as increase safety and quality. Although it is well established that good, collaborative partnerships can lead to lower construction cost, shortened project schedules, we still need to better understand which mechanisms will increase the probability that a successful partnership can be established and maintained. This research aims to further Caltrans understanding of those specific processes embodied in collaborative partnering that have the strongest positive influence on project outcomes. Equipping the staff with this information and empowering them to apply it throughout the project phases will not only lead to better project delivery but also improve staff morale.

Key words:
Partnering Activities - guidelines, process, meeting, performance.
Data analysis, complexity metrics, budget