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Improving Our Understanding of Transport Electrification Benefits for Disadvantaged Communities 2022 Research Report

Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems: Analysis of Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities

2021 Research Report

Enhancing Equitable Service Level: Which Can Address Better, Dockless or Dock-Based Bikeshare Systems?

2020 Journal Article

Brief: Identifying Bikeshare Station Locations to Improve Underserved Communities’ Accessibility

2019 Brief
Brief: Small Area Fair Market Rents Can Increase Section 8 Voucher Access to Jobs-Rich, Low Poverty Communities in Sacramento 2019 Brief
Brief: Cost of Building Affordable Housing in Major Cities Driven by Multiple Factors—But Not by Proximity to Transit 2019 Brief

NCST Research Report: High Impact Prioritization of Bikeshare Program Investment to Improve Underserved Communities’ Access to Jobs and Essential Services

2018 Research Report
Mean Texture Depth and Deflection Detection and Steering Angle Based Bike Pavement Condition Assessment 2017 Research Report

Predicting Bicycle Ride Quality From Dynamic Measurements and Pavement Roughness Index

2017 Conference Paper
Validating the Outcome of Partnering on Major Capital Projects 2017 Journal Article
NCST Research Report: The Effect that State and Federal Housing Policies Have on Vehicle Miles of Travel 2016 Research Report
NCST White Paper: A Funding Compromise Can Set Transportation on Path Toward Sustainability 2015 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: A Funding Compromise Can Set Transportation on Path Toward Sustainability 2015 Research Report
Road Supply in Central London: Addition of an Ignored Social Cost 2014 Journal Article
Flat Versus Spatially Variable Tolling: A Case Study in Fresno, California 2014 Journal Article
Resolving the Property Right of Transportation Emissions Through Public–Private Partnerships 2014 Journal Article
Civil Rights Guidance and Equity Analysis Methods for Regional Transportation Plans: A Critical Review of Literature and Practice 2013 Journal Article
Racing Climate Change: Collaboration and Conflict in California's Global Climate Change Policy Arena 2013 Journal Article
Integrated Modeling Framework for Leasing Urban Roads: A Case Study of Fresno, California 2013 Journal Article
US Public Transit Fantasies: Performance and Economic Stimulus 2012 Journal Article
Evaluation of the Operation and Accuracy of Available Smart Growth Trip Generation Methodologies for Use in California 2012 Journal Article
Understanding How Public Perceptions of Road Diets Are Formed 2012 Research Report
Urban Network Privatization: Example of a Small Network 2011 Journal Article
Linking Land Use, Transportation and Air Quality: Impact of Urban Growth Patterns on Vehicle Travel and Pollutant Emissions 2011 Journal Article
Evaluation of the Operation and Accuracy of Five Available Smart Growth Trip Generation Methodologies - APPENDIX C: Practitioners Panel Survey on Operational Criteria 2011 Research Report
Evaluation of the Operation and Accuracy of Five Available Smart Growth Trip Generation Methodologies - APPENDIX B: Descriptions and Comparisons of Traffic Counts Sites 2011 Research Report
Evaluation of the Operation and Accuracy of Five Available Smart Growth Trip Generation Methodologies - APPENDIX A: Key Features and Assumptions of Candidate Methods 2011 Research Report
Evaluation of the Operation and Accuracy of Five Available Smart Growth Trip Generation Methodologies 2011 Research Report
Influence of Regional Development Policies and Clean Technology Adoption on Future Air Pollution Exposure 2010 Journal Article
Near-Roadway Air Quality: Synthesizing the Findings from Real-World Data 2010 Journal Article
Review of Regional Locomotive Emission Modeling and the Constraints Posed by Activity Data 2009 Journal Article
Mitigating Diesel Truck Impacts in Environmental Justice Communities: Transportation Planning and Air Quality in Barrio Logan, San Diego, California 2009 Journal Article
Best in Show? Climate and Environmental Justice Policy in California 2009 Journal Article
Rethinking Downstream Regulation: California's Opportunity to Engage Households in Reducing Greenhouse Gases 2008 Journal Article
U.S. vehicle emissions: Creating a common currency to avoid model comparison problems 2008 Research Report
The development of a prescreening model to identify failed and gross polluting vehicles 2007 Journal Article
The Impact of Rush Hour Traffic and mix on the Ozone weekend effect in Southern California 2007 Journal Article
Costs and Benefits of Home-Based Telecommuting: A Monte Carlo Simulation Model Incorporating Telecommuter, Employer, and Public Sector Perspectives 2007 Journal Article
Specification of a Tour-Based Neighborhood Shopping Model 2005 Journal Article
Evolution of Particle Number Distribution near Roadways. Part III: Traffic Analysis and On-road Size Resolved Particulate Emission Factors 2005 Journal Article
Transportation Control Measures: Federal Requirements and State Implementation Plan Development Considerations 2004 Journal Article
A New Gridding Method for Zonal Travel Activity and Emissions Using Bicubic Spline Interpolation 2004 Journal Article
UCDrive: A New Gridded Mobile Source Emission Inventory Model 2004 Journal Article
Air Quality 2003 Journal Article
Composite Exhaust Emissions Rates: Sensitivity to Vehicle Population and Mileage Accrual Assumptions 2003 Journal Article
UCD 2001: An Improved Model to Simulate Pollutant Dispersion from Roadways 2003 Journal Article
PM10 Conformity Determinations: The Equivalent Emissions Method 2003 Journal Article
Regional Driving Characteristics, Regional Driving Cycles 2003 Journal Article
Evaluation of Past Audits of Project Development on California State Highway System 2002 Journal Article

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Added Bicycle Phase at Existing Signalized Intersection

2002 Journal Article
How Much can Vehicle Emissions be Reduced? Exploratory Analysis of an Upper Boundary Using an Emissions-Optimized Trip Assignment 2002 Journal Article
Comparing Transportation Project Development Efficiencies: The California Department of Transportation and the California County Sales Tax Agencies 2002 Journal Article
Integrating Vehicle Design and Human Factors: Minimizing Elderly Driving Constraints 2001 Journal Article
Improving the Resolution of Gridded-Hourly Mobile Emissions: Incorporating Spatial Variability and Handling Missing Data 2001 Journal Article
A Grid-Based Mobile Sources Emissions Inventory Model 2001 Research Report
California Conformity Timelines: EMFAC-2000 Approval Considerations 2001 Research Report
Transportation Needs of Sacramento County Welfare Recipients 2000 Research Report
Statistical Methods for Estimating Speed Correction Factors with Confidence Intervals for Mobile Source Emissions Models 2000 Journal Article
Analysis of Activity Duration Using the Puget Sound Transportation Panel 2000 Journal Article
New Statistical Framework for Estimating Carbon Monoxide Impacts 2000 Journal Article
The Costs and Benefits of Home-Based Telecommuting 2000 Research Report
The Costs and Benefits of Telecommuting: A Review and Evaluation of Micro-Scale Studies and Promotional Literature 2000 Research Report
Estimation of Allocation Factors of Travel Demand Model Volumes to Hourly Volumes for Highways in the South Coast Air Basin 1999 Research Report
An Exploratory Study: A New Methodology for Estimating Unpaved Road Miles and Vehicle Activity on Unpaved Roads (Volume I) 1999 Research Report
Using GIS to Estimate Unpaved Road Miles and Vehicle Activity on Unpaved Roads (Volume II) 1999 Research Report
Time Series Analysis of Above-Road Particulate Materials at Caldecott Tunnel 1999 Research Report
Data Collection for Driving Cycle Development: Evaluation of Data Collection Protocols 1999 Research Report
Using Observed Traffic Volumes to Improve Fine-Grained Regional Emissions Estimation 1999 Journal Article
Characterizing the Effects of Driver Variability on Real-World Vehicle Emissions 1998 Journal Article
Project Level Carbon Monoxide “Hot-Spot” Analysis for Level of Service D Intersections 1998 Journal Article
Temporal Disaggregation of Travel Demand for High Resolution Emission Inventories 1998 Journal Article
Travel Trends Using the Puget Sound Panel Survey: A Generalized Estimating Equations Approach 1998 Journal Article
Speed Correction Curves: Scoping Study 1998 Research Report
Transportation Project-Level Carbon Monoxide Protocol User Workbook 1998 Research Report
Modeling Carbon Monoxide Concentrations as Level-of-Service D Intersections 1998 Research Report
Exploratory Analysis: A Method to Improve the Link Between Travel Demand Model and DTIM2 1998 Research Report
Technical Report No. 3: The Prioritization of Mobility Improvements Using a Multicriteria Prioritization Algorithm 1998 Research Report
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Multimodal Projects for State-Wide Prioritization of Capacity Investments 1998 Research Report

Bicycle Journey-to-Work: Travel Behavior Characteristics Spatial Attributes

1997 Presentation Series

Bicycle Journey-to-Work Travel Behavior Characteristics and Spatial Attributes

1997 Journal Article
Measuring Accessibility: An Exploration of Issues and Alternatives 1997 Journal Article
Travel to Work and Household Responsibility: New Evidence 1997 Journal Article
Accessibility: An Evaluation Using Consumer Welfare 1997 Journal Article
The Costs and Benefits of Telecommuting: An Evaluation of Macro-Scale Literature 1997 Research Report
Transportation Project-Level Carbon Monoxide Protocol 1997 Research Report
Duration of Trip-Making Activities by Men and Women: A Survival Analysis 1996 Journal Article
Statewide Programming: Implementing Transportation-Policy Objectives 1996 Journal Article

Longitudinal Analysis of Bicycle Count Variability: Results and Modeling Implications

1996 Journal Article
Travel Demand Model (TDM) Validation for Ozone Modeling Phase 1 – Exploratory Analysis 1995 Research Report
Optimization Models for the Transportation Project Programming Process 1995 Journal Article