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Technical Report No. 3: The Prioritization of Mobility Improvements Using a Multicriteria Prioritization Algorithm


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Franklin, Joel P. and Debbie A. Niemeier (1998) Technical Report No. 3: The Prioritization of Mobility Improvements Using a Multicriteria Prioritization Algorithm. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report UCD-ITS-RR-98-04

This final technical memorandum details the final aspects of the prioritization process prepared by the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The procedure described in this memorandum can be used to prioritize a range of multimodal mobility improvement projects. Projects can be ranked using decision weights and an algorithm known as the Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to an Ideal Solution (TOPSIS). Using the order, projects are funded from best to worst, under the specified budget constraint.

This paper begins with two overview sections: Section 2 is an overview of the set of sample projects used to test and describe the ranking algorithm, and Section 3 is an overview of the evaluation criteria that have been selected by ODOT for use in the prioritization procedure. Next, the two versions of TOPSIS that have been used in the past by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are discussed in Section 4, along with some issues that arose in the implementation of TOPSIS-6 and modifications made to the current version, TOPSIS-8. A testing of the ranking algorithm is presented in Section 5 using seven different criteria weighting scenarios. In the first, all criteria are weighted equally; in the second through seventh scenarios, each criterion (with the exception of the economic development criterion, as will be explained in the section in turn is given 50% of the total weight, with the remaining weight being distributed equally among the other six criteria. Section 6 outlines the major points noted during a presentation of the ranking method to the ODOT Transportation Commission. Finally, a summary is presented in Section 7.
Technical Memorandum prepared for the Oregon Department of Transportation.