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India-Led Electric Two-Wheeler Transitions in the Global South


Conference Paper

Electric Vehicle Research Center, India ZEV Research Centre

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Ramji, Aditya, Minal Chandra, Lewis Fulton (2023) India-Led Electric Two-Wheeler Transitions in the Global South. EVS36 — 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition

Various countries in the global south have a large share of two-wheelers that serve mobility needs. Many have announced ambitions for vehicle electrification in their climate commitments such as Nepal and Chile, both of whom are major export markets for Indian two-wheelers. As these countries transition, it will require a reorientation of EV manufacturing strategy in India, to maintain export competitiveness and emerge as a strategic leader in EV supply chains globally by 2030. This paper aims to analyse the potential EV sales required in major two-wheeler export markets for India, like Nepal and Chile. The electric two-wheeler demand of Nepal and Chile are forecasted based on their announced EV targets and pledges for year 2030. Further, different scenarios are evaluated to estimate the potential for India’s electric two-wheeler exports and India’s role in driving clean road transport transitions in the global South.

Key words: electric vehicle (EV), market development, two-wheel vehicle, ZEV (zero emission vehicle), sustainability