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Design and Vehicle Integration of an Advanced Zinc Bromine Battery



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Swan, David H. and J. T. Guerin (1995) Design and Vehicle Integration of an Advanced Zinc Bromine Battery. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper Series (951950)

The zinc bromine battery is a high energy density sealed battery that utilizes a flowing electrolyte and low cost materials (predominantly plastic) and operates at ambient temperatures. The typical full scale specific energy for this bipolar plate battery is more than twice that of lead acid batteries. The engineering research presented in this paper is the design and construction of a high-voltage, zinc bromine battery for use in an electric vehicle. Specifically, a 390-volt system is being integrated into a US Electricar S10 light-duty truck. The research goal is to show a reliable and practical electrochemical power system that is lighter and provides a longer range and shorter recharge times than lead acid batteries. Results of this study will help determine the applicability and practicality of zinc bromine technology for electric vehicles.