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David H. Swan

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Statewide Fuel Cell Research, Design, and Development Collaboration Plan 1996 Research Report
Assessment of Flywheels and Ultracapacitors for the DOT Fuel Cell Bus Program 1995 Research Report
Construction and Performance of a High Voltage Zinc Bromine Battery in an Electric Vehicle 1995 Presentation Series
Zinc Bromine Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle Applications 1995 Presentation Series
EV Battery Pack Life: Pack Degradation and Solutions 1995 Reprint
Design and Vehicle Integration of an Advanced Zinc Bromine Battery 1995 Reprint
Hydrogen as a Transportation Fuel: Infrastructure Consideration 1994 Research Report
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Characterization for Electric Vehicle Applications 1994 Reprint
Cathode Air Control of a PEM Fuel Cell Stack Operating on the USABC Dynamic Stress Test 1994 Presentation Series
Fuel Cell Dynamics in Transit Applications 1994 Presentation Series
A Spreadsheet Model for Air Fuel Cell Stacks 1993 Presentation Series
Comparison of Advanced Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles 1993 Presentation Series
Demonstration of a Zinc Bromine Battery in an Electric Vehicle 1993 Presentation Series
Modeling Car Batteries with Neural Networks 1993 Reprint
Battery Modeling for Electric Vehicle Applications Using Neural Networks 1993 Reprint
The Promise of Fuel-Cell Vehicles 1993 Reprint
Fuel Cell Platinum Utilization 1992 Presentation Series
Overview of Vehicle Hydrogen Storage Options 1992 Presentation Series
Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles, Knowledge Gaps and Development Priorities 1992 Presentation Series
The Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell – A Strong Candidate As A Power Source for Electric Vehicles 1991 Presentation Series
Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicles 1989 Reprint