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An Empirical Analysis of the Transportation Impacts of Telecommuting


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Mokhtarian, Patricia L. (1991) An Empirical Analysis of the Transportation Impacts of Telecommuting. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Presentation Series UCD-ITS-RP-91-19

Proceedings, Sixth International Conference on Travel Behavior, Quebec, Canada, May 22 - 24, 1991

Travel behavior researchers have developed a number of hypotheses regarding the transportation impacts of telecommuting – using telecommunications technology to work from home or another location remote from one's primary office. Until recently, there was little empirical data available to test these hypotheses. Now, however, a number of telecommuting projects are being evaluated with respect to changes in travel behavior. This paper reports work-in-progress on the transportation evaluation of four telecommuting projects in Southern California. The original findings from one of these projects are presented here, and related to previously reported results. The survey used in these projects obtains information on potential changes in mode choice, auto ownership, residential location, and activity patterns due to telecommuting.