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The Korea Transport Institute

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Exploring Heterogeneous Structural Relationships Between E-shopping, Local Accessibility, and Car-Based Travel: An Application of Enriched National Household Travel Survey Add-on Data 2022 Journal Article
Home-based Telecommuting and Intra-household Interactions in Work and Non-work Travel: A Seemingly Unrelated Censored Regression Approach 2015 Journal Article
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How Do People Respond to Congestion Mitigation Policies? A Multivariate Probit Model of the Individual Consideration of Three Travel-Related Strategy Bundles 2008 Journal Article
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The development of a prescreening model to identify failed and gross polluting vehicles 2007 Journal Article
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Relationships Between U.S. Consumer Expenditures on Communications and Travel: 1984-2002 2006 Research Report
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Wanting to Travel, More or Less:  Exploring the Determinants of the Deficit and Surfeit of Personal Travel 2005 Journal Article
Measuring the Measurable: Why Can't We Agree on the Number of Telecommuters in the U.S.? 2005 Journal Article
Modeling the Individual Consideration of Travel-Related Strategy Bundles 2004 Research Report
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