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Title Year Series
A Novel Sea Launch and Recovery Concept for Fixed Wing UAVs 2016 Reprint
Renewable Hydrogen Production Using Sailing Ships 2014 Reprint
Biomechanical Effects of Human Lumbar Discography: In-vitro Experiments and Their Finite Element Validation 2014 Reprint
Survey of Planetary Entry Guidance Algorithms 2014 Reprint
Highly Elliptical Rendezvous Orbits to Minimize Cryogenic Propellant Losses and Maximize Payload 2013 Reprint
Rotary Decelerators for Spacecraft: Historical Review and Simulation Results 2013 Reprint
A Dynamic Response Model of Human Spine Under Superior-Inferior G Loads Using Voigt Viscoelastic Representation 2013 Reprint
Conceptual Study of Micro-tab Device in Airframe Noise Reduction: (II) 3D Computation 2012 Reprint
Novel Probabilistic Dynamic Safety Metric Formulations for Flight Path Determination 2012 Reprint
Concept and Design Details of a Universal Gas-Gas Launch Escape System 2011 Reprint
Experimentally Validated Computational Simulation of Lumbar Spine Intervertabral Disc Puncture 2011 Reprint
Characterization of Irregular Stress Distribution Induced by Klippel Feil Syndrome 2011 Reprint
Pulse Tube Cryocooler Dynamics and Simulation 2011 Reprint
Noninvasive In Vivo Characterization of Pediatric Human Spine: 3-D Finite Element Study 2011 Reprint
In-Flight Deployable Micro Devices in Noise Control: Design and Evaluation 2011 Reprint
Renewable Hydrogen Production Using Sailing Ships 2011 Reprint
Improving Vibration Based Damage Detection Using Optical Measurements 2011 Reprint
Distressed Aircraft Recovery Technique Algorithms with Probabilistic Dynamic Safety Metrics 2011 Reprint
Effects of Dimensional Reduction Techniques on Structural Damage Assessment Under Uncertainty 2011 Reprint
Novel Probabilistic Dynamic Safety Metric Formulations for Flight Path Determination 2011 Reprint
Intelligent Flight-Trajectory Generation to Maximize Safe-Outcome Probability After a Distress Event 2010 Reprint
Joint Universal Launch Escape & Assist System (JULAES) 2010 Reprint
A Review of Uncertainty in Flight Vehicle Structural Damage Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control: Challenges and Opportunities 2010 Reprint
Statistical and Probabilistic Path Planning for Aircraft with Performance Uncertainties 2010 Reprint
A 3-phase Safe Trajectory Shaping for a Distressed Aircraft 2010 Reprint
Conceptual Study of Micro-Tab Device in Airframe Noise Reduction: (I) 2D Computation 2010 Reprint
Aggregating Imprecise Information in Distressed Aircraft Path Planning 2010 Reprint
Intelligent Aircraft Damage Assessment, Trajectory Planning, and Decision-Making under Uncertainty 2009 Reprint
High Fidelity Computational Approach to Validate Spine Biomechanics Measurements: A Case Study To Correct Scoliosis 2009 Reprint
Effect of Mictrotab on Reduction of Noise Due to Aircraft High-Lift Devices 2009 Reprint
Integrated Structural Damage Assessment, Motion Planning, and Decision-Making for Distressed Aircraft Under Uncertainty 2009 Reprint
Design Description of the Benson Space Company Spaceship 2009 Reprint
Distance Similarity Matrix Using Ensemble of Dimensional Data Reduction Techniques: Vibration and Aeroacoustics Case Studies 2009 Reprint
A Novel Approach to Extract Power from Free Floating Water and High Altitude Jet Streams 2009 Reprint
Intelligent Flight Trajectory Generation to Maximize Safe Outcome Probability after a Distress Event 2009 Reprint
A Novel Dimensional Reduction Approach for Structural Damage Diagnosis using Feature Similarity 2009 Reprint
Selection of a Carrier Aircraft and a Launch Method for Air Launching Space Vehicles 2008 Reprint
Development and Validation of a High Fidelity 3-D computational Spine Model That Incorporates Spatial Material Density Variations 2008 Reprint
Scaled Acoustics Experiments and Vibration Prediction Based Structural Health Monitoring 2008 Reprint
A Probabilistic Algorithm in Landing Site Selection of a Distressed Aircraft Including Effects of Failure Rates 2008 Reprint
Universal Long Duration Tug Concept 2008 Reprint
Development and Simulation of an Analytic Skip Earth Re-Entry Guidance Algorithm 2008 Reprint
A Novel Probabilistic Approach in Determination of Landing Site for Distressed Aircraft 2008 Reprint
Forebody Strake Effects on Rocket Aerodynamic Characteristics at High Angles of Attack 2008 Reprint
Three-Dimensional CFD Analysis of Micro-tab in Airframe Noise Reduction 2008 Reprint
System Identification and Damage Assessment of Deteriorating Hysteretic Structures 2008 Reprint
An Analytical Approach to Skip Earth Entry Guidance of a Low L/D Vehicle 2008 Reprint
An Approach to Predict Flight Dynamics and Stability Derivatives of Distressed Aircraft 2008 Reprint
Deployable Micro-Tabs in Aircraft Noise Control Near Airports: Scaled Experimental Apparatus and Computational Results 2007 Reprint
Design of Biomechanical Testing Methods and Metrics to Evaluate the Performance of Synthetic Spinal Implants versus Bone Graft for Lumbar Corpectomy 2007 Reprint
Stability Behavior of Model Reference Adaptive Control Methods in Presence of Aircraft Structural Damage 2007 Reprint
Flight Testing of a Gravity Air Launch Method to Enable Responsive Space Access 2007 Reprint
Computational Prediction and Comparison of Ground versus Air Launched Rocket Noise 2007 Reprint
Numerical Investigation of Micro-Tab in Airframe Noise Reduction 2007 Reprint
Vibration Mitigation Using Passive Active Tunable (PAT) System: Experimental Aspects 2007 Reprint
Flight Testing of a New Air Launch Method for Safely Launching Personnel and Cargo into Low Earth Orbit 2006 Reprint
Design and Development of a Vertical Test Stand for Hybrid Propulsion Acoustic Signature Measurements 2006 Reprint
Liquid Sloshing In Flexible Tanks Under Thruster Firing For Orbit Adjustment 2006 Reprint
In-Flight Reconfigurable Autopilot for Unmanned Aircraft: Hardware Development and Flight Test Results 2006 Reprint
Gravity Air Launching of Earth-to-Orbit Space Vehicles 2006 Reprint
Two In Vivo Surgical Approaches for Lumbar Corpectomy Using Allograft and a Metallic Implant: A Controlled Clinical and Biomechanical Study 2006 Reprint
A Comparative Analysis of Methods for Air Launching Vehicles from Earth to Sub-Orbit or Orbit 2006 Reprint
Air-Launching Earth to Orbit: Effects of Launch Conditions and Vehicle Aerodynamics 2005 Reprint
Trade Studies for Air Launching a Small Launch Vehicle from a Cargo Aircraft 2005 Reprint
Experimental Testing of the Quarter-Scale Rocket Chair 2005 Reprint