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O3 Sensitivity to NOx and VOC During RECAP-CA: Implication for Emissions Control Strategies

2024 Journal Article

Measuring Changes in Air Quality from Reduced Travel in Response to COVID-19

2024 Research Report
Air Pollution and the Sequelae of COVID-19 Patients: A Multistate Analysis 2023 Journal Article
Air Pollution and Meteorology as Risk Factors for COVID-19 Death in a Cohort From Southern California 2023 Journal Article
Maternal Exposure to Aircraft Emitted Ultrafine Particles During Pregnancy and Likelihood of ASD in Children 2023 Journal Article
Prenatal Exposure to Tailpipe and Non-tailpipe Tracers of Particulate Matter Pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorders 2023 Journal Article
Modeling Expected Air Quality Impacts of Oregon's Proposed Expanded Clean Fuels Program 2023 Journal Article
Adoption of Low-Carbon Fuels Reduces Race/Ethnicity Disparities in Air Pollution Exposure in California 2022 Journal Article
Future Emissions of Particles and Gases That Cause Regional Air Pollution in California Under Different Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies 2022 Journal Article
Optimized Environmental Justice Calculations for Air Pollution Disparities in Southern California 2022 Journal Article
Separately Resolving NOx and VOC Contributions to Ozone Formation 2022 Journal Article
Air Quality Impacts of Proposed Changes to Oregon’s Clean Fuels 2022 Research Report
Modeling Expected Air Quality Impacts of Oregon’s Proposed Expanded Clean Fuels Program 2022 Research Report
Improving Spatial Surrogates for Area Source Emissions Inventories in California 2021 Journal Article
Effects of Low Carbon Energy Adoption on Airborne Particulate Matter Concentrations With Feedbacks to Future Climate Over California 2020 Journal Article
A Study of the Integrated Parking and Ridesharing Pricing/Incentives and their Social and Environmental Impacts in Metropolitan Areas 2019 Research Report
Estimating Criteria Pollutant Emissions Using the California Regional Multisector Air Quality Emissions (CA-REMARQUE) Model v1.0 2018 Journal Article
Low-Carbon Energy Generates Public Health Savings in California 2018 Journal Article
PM 2.5 Co-Benefits of Climate Change Legislation Part 2: California Governor's Executive Order S-3-05 Applied to the Transportation Sector 2013 Journal Article
PM 2.5 Co-Benefits of Climate Change Legislation Part 1: California's AB 32 2013 Journal Article
Influence of Regional Development Policies and Clean Technology Adoption on Future Air Pollution Exposure 2010 Journal Article
Control Strategies for the Reduction of Airborne Particulate Nitrate in California's San Joaquin Valley 2005 Journal Article
A Comparison of the UCD/CIT Air Quality Model and the CMB Source-Receptor Model for Primary Airborne Particulate Matter 2005 Journal Article
Modeling Particulate Matter in the San Joaquin Valley with a Source-Oriented Externally Mixed Three-Dimensional Photochemical Grid Model 2004 Journal Article
PM10 Conformity Determinations: The Equivalent Emissions Method 2003 Journal Article