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José Holguín-Veras

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Title Year Series
The New York City Off-Hour Delivery Program: A Business and Community-Friendly Sustainability Program 2018 Reprint
Using Commodity Flow Survey Microdata and Other Establishment Data to Estimate the Generation of Freight, Freight Trips, and Service Trips: Guidebook 2017 Reprint
Fostering Unassisted Off-Hour Deliveries: The Role of Incentives 2017 Reprint
Large Urban Freight Traffic Generators: Opportunities for City Logistics Initiatives 2015 Reprint
The Colombian Strategic Freight Transport Model Based on Product Analysis 2014 Reprint
The Tohoku Disasters: Chief Findings Concerning the Post Disaster Humanitarian Logistics Response 2014 Reprint
Material Convergence: An Important and Understudied Disaster Phenomenon 2014 Reprint
"Comprehensive Freight Demand Data Collection Framework for Large Urban Areas," chapter from Sustainable Urban Logistics: Concepts, Methods and Information Systems 2014 Reprint
Fostering the Use of Unassisted Off-Hour Deliveries: Operational and Low Noise Truck Technologies 2013 Reprint
Parking in the City: Challenges for Freight Traffic 2013 Reprint
Comparative Analyses of the Stated Behavioral Responses to Off-Hour Delivery Policies 2013 Reprint
Transferability of Freight Trip Generation Models 2013 Reprint
Freight Generation and Land Use 2013 Reprint
On the Appropriate Objective Function for Post-Disaster Humanitarian Logistics Models 2013 Reprint
"Freight Generations and Trip Generation Models," chapter in Modeling Freight Transport 2013 Reprint
"Vehicle-Trip Estimation Models", chapter in Modeling Freight Transport 2013 Reprint
"Logistics and the Management of Critical Supplies Following Catastrophes," chapter in Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters 2013 Reprint
Improving Post-Disaster Humanitarian Logistics: Three Key Lessons from Catastrophic Events 2013 Reprint
Freight Trip Generation and Land Use 2012 Reprint
Comparative Performance of Alternative Humanitarian Logistic Structures after the Port au Prince Earthquake: ACEs, PIEs, and CANs 2012 Reprint
Immediate Resource Requirements after Hurricane Katrina 2012 Reprint
On the Unique Features of Humanitarian Logistics 2012 Reprint
Freight Generation, Freight Trip Generation, and the Perils of Using Constant Trip Rates 2011 Reprint
Feasibility Study for Freight Data Collection - Final Report to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council 2011 Reprint