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Jingyuan Zhao

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Projections of the Costs of Light-Duty Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles (2020–2040) And Related Economic Issues

2024 Journal Article

Insights and Reviews on Battery Lifetime Prediction From Research to Practice

2024 Journal Article

Numerical Heat Generation Analysis of the Tabbed and Novel Tabless Designs of Cylindrical-Type Lithium-Ion Batteries

2024 Journal Article

Battery Safety: Fault Diagnosis From Laboratory to Real World

2024 Journal Article

Battery Safety: Machine Learning-Based Prognostics

2024 Journal Article
Machine Learning for Predicting Battery Capacity for Electric Vehicles 2023 Journal Article

Battery Health Diagnostics: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

2023 Journal Article

Autonomous Driving System: A Comprehensive Survey

2023 Journal Article

Projections of the Costs of Medium- And Heavy-Duty Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles (2020-2040) And Related Economic Issues

2023 Journal Article
Vehicle Choice Modeling for Light-, Medium-, and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles in California 2023 Research Report
Battery Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis for Electric Vehicles Using Spatio-Temporal Transformer Networks 2023 Journal Article
Specialized Deep Neural Networks for Battery Health Prognostics: Opportunities and Challenges 2023 Journal Article
Cycle Life Testing of Lithium Batteries: The Effect of Load-Leveling 2023 Journal Article
Spatial-Temporal Self-Attention Transformer Networks for Battery State of Charge Estimation 2023 Journal Article
Cloud-Based Deep Learning for Co-estimation of Battery State of Charge and State of Health 2023 Journal Article
Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Framework for Battery Management System 2023 Journal Article
Battery Prognostics and Health Management From a Machine Learning Perspective 2023 Journal Article
Battery Prognostics and Health Management for Electric Vehicles Under Industry 4.0 2023 Journal Article
Electric Vehicle Batteries: Status and Perspectives of Data-Driven Diagnosis and Prognosis 2022 Journal Article
Data-Driven Prediction of Battery Failure for Electric Vehicles 2022 Journal Article
Battery Diagnosis: A Lifelong Learning Framework for Electric Vehicles 2022 Conference Paper
Development, Performance, and Vehicle Applications of High Energy Density Electrochemical Capacitors 2022 Journal Article
Past, Present and Future of Electrochemical Capacitors: Technologies, Performance and Applications 2021 Journal Article
Electrochemical Capacitors: Materials, Technologies and Performance 2021 Journal Article
Review on Supercapacitors: Technologies and Performance Evaluation 2020 Journal Article
Electrochemical Capacitors: Performance Metrics and Evaluation by Testing and Analysis 2020 Journal Article
Performance Testing of Supercapacitors: Important Issues and Uncertainties 2017 Journal Article
Cycle Life of Lithium-ion Batteries in Combination with Supercapacitors: The Effect of Load-Leveling 2017 Research Report
Supercapacitors in Micro- and Mild Hybrids with Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries: Vehicle Simulations and Laboratory Tests 2015 Research Report