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Michael McCoy (

University of California, Davis

Publications (21 records):

Title Year Series
Simplified Model of Local Transit Services 2014 Reprint
Updating the PECAS Modeling Framework to Include Energy Use Data for Buildings 2013 Research Report
Los Angeles County Building Energy Use and GHG Baseline Assessment 2012 Research Report
Ideology and Social Capital as Drivers of Policy Network 2009 Research Report
Neighborhood Economic and Racial Succession: Understanding this Process of Decline and its Effects on Residential Choice in Land Use Models 2009 Reprint
Integration of Regional Mitigation Assessment and Conservation Planning 2009 Research Report
Institutions and Cooperation in an Ecology of Games 2009 Research Report
Institutional Collective Action in an Ecology of Games 2009 Research Report
Financial Costs to Agriculture and Municipal Governments of Urban Growth in an Agricultural Valley 2009 Research Report
Evaluating Aggregate Terrestrial Impacts of Road Construction Projects for Advanced Regional Mitigation 2009 Research Report
Developing the California Integrated Land Use/Transportation Model 2009 Research Report
Assessing the Influence of Rapid Urban Growth and Regional Policies on Biological Resources 2009 Research Report
Impacts of Different Growth Scenarios in the San Joaquin Valley of California 2007 Research Report
Collaborative Policy in an Ecology of Games 2007 Research Report
Integrated urban model for California: Policy evaluation capabilities 2007 Research Report
A Multi-Scale and Context Sensitive State-Wide Environmental Mitigation Planning Tool for Transportation Projects in California 2007 Research Report
Interpreting Performance Indicators from a Statewide Integrated Transportation-Land Use Model 2007 Research Report
Modeling potential species richness and urban buildout to identify mitigation sites along a California highway 2006 Reprint
Integrating Community Values and Fostering Interagency Collaboration through Outreach with Interactive GIS Models 2005 Research Report
Policy Networks: Collaborative Land Use Planning in California 2005 Research Report
Streamlining the National Environmental Policy Act Process Through Cooperative Local-State-Federal Transportation and Land Use Planning 2004 Reprint