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Sabbie Miller

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Technical, Economic, and Environmental Feasibility of Rice Hull Ash From Electricity Generation as a Mineral Additive to Concrete

2024 Journal Article

The Climate Benefits From Cement Carbonation Are Being Overestimated

2024 Journal Article
Engineering the Performance of Post-consumer Calcium Carbonate From Carpet in Cement-Based Materials Through Pre-treatment Methods 2023 Journal Article
Cellulose Nanocrystals as a Value-Based Additive for Low Carbon Footprint Concrete with Limestone 2023 Research Report
Literature Review on Policies to Mitigate GHG Emissions for Cement and Concrete 2022 Journal Article
Brief: Quantifying Environmental Impacts from Concrete Production, While Accounting for Data Variability and Uncertainty 2021 Brief
Benchmarking GHG Emissions from California Concrete and Readily Implementable Mitigation Methods 2021 Research Report
Transformation of Engineering Tools to Increase Material Efficiency of Concrete 2021 Research Report
Brief: Material Efficiency as a Means to Lower Environmental Impacts from Concrete 2021 Brief
Achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Cement Industry via Value Chain Mitigation Strategies 2021 Journal Article
Environmental Impacts and Environmental Justice Implications of Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Use in Concrete 2021 Journal Article
The Role of Data Variability and Uncertainty in the Probability of Mitigating Environmental Impacts from Cement and Concrete 2021 Journal Article
US Industrial Sector Decoupling of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions under COVID: Durability and Decarbonization 2021 Journal Article
Rice-Based Ash in Concrete: A Review of Past Work and Potential Environmental Sustainability 2019 Journal Article