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Adam Davis

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The Cost of Aggressive Electrification Targets – Who Bears the Burden Without Mitigating Policies?

2024 Journal Article
PEV Adoption Model for California Based on Heterogeneity in Single and Multi-Vehicle Households 2023 Conference Paper
Assessing the Potential Impacts of Toll Discounts on Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption 2023 Research Report
Elite Environmental Aesthetics: Placing Nature in a Changing Climate 2022 Journal Article
Brief: More Public Charging Infrastructure Alone Will Not Increase Electric Vehicle Sales 2022 Brief
From Shifting Gears to Changing Modes: The Impact of Driver Inputs on Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Use & Emissions 2022 Journal Article
Investigating Hydrogen Station Use and Station Access in California Using a Survey of Fuel Cell Vehicle Drivers 2022 Research Report
Brief: Refueling Behavior of California Fuel Cell Vehicle Drivers 2022 Brief
Understanding the Impact of Charging Infrastructure on the Consideration to Purchase an Electric Vehicle in California 2022 Research Report
Using the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Planning Toolbox to Understand Market Growth in California 2022 Research Report
California’s Advanced Clean Cars II: Issues and Implications 2022 Working Paper
From Sport to Eco: A Case Study of Driver Inputs on Electric Vehicle Efficiency 2021 Journal Article
Where are Used Electric Vehicles and Who are the Buyers? 2021 Research Report
Emerging Technology Zero Emission Vehicle Household Travel and Refueling Behavior 2021 Research Report
Brief: Expanding the UC Davis GIS Electric Vehicle Planning Toolbox Beyond California 2021 Brief
Brief: Where Are Buyers of Used Electric Vehicles in California? 2021 Brief
Investigating the Sensitivity of Electric Vehicle Out-of-Home Charging Demand to Changes in Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet Makeup and Usage: A Case Study for California 2030 2021 Journal Article
Estimating the Total Number of Workplace and Public Electric Vehicle Chargers in California 2021 Journal Article