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Do Biofuel Policies Seek to Cut Emissions by Cutting Food? 2015 Reprint
Carbon Accounting and Economic Model Uncertainty of Emissions from Biofuels-Induced Land Use Change 2015 Reprint
Multi-Objective Regulations on Transportation Fuels: Comparing Renewable Fuel Mandates and Emission Standards 2015 Reprint
Bioenergy and Climate-Change Mitigation: An Assessment 2014 Reprint
Response to Comments on "Using Attributional Life Cycle Assessment to Estimate Climate-Change Mitigation ..." 2014 Reprint
Response to “On the uncanny capabilities of consequential LCA” by Sangwon Suh and Yi Yang 2014 Reprint
New Estimates of Soil and Biomass Carbon Stocks for Global Economic Models 2014 Reprint
Agro-ecological Zone Emission Factor (AEZ-EF) Model (v47) 2014 Reprint
Implications of Market-Mediated Emissions and Uncertainty for Biofuel Policies 2013 Reprint
Using Attributional Life Cycle Assessment to Estimate Climate Change Mitigation Benefits Misleads Policymakers 2013 Reprint
Reconciling Top-down and Bottom-up Modeling on Future Bioenergy Deployment 2012 Reprint
Comment on "Indirect Land Use Change for Biofuels: Testing Predictions and Improving Analytical Methodologies" by Kim and Dale: Statistical Reliability and the Definition of the Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC) Issue 2011 Reprint
The Ecological Impact of Biofuels 2010 Reprint
Dynamics of the Oil Transition: Modeling Capacity, Depletion, and Emissions 2010 Reprint
Effects of US Maize Ethanol on Global Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Estimating Market-mediated Responses 2010 Reprint
The Climate Impacts of Bioenergy Systems Depend on Market and Regulatory Policy Contexts 2010 Reprint
Modeling Corn Ethanol and Climate: A Critical Comparison of the BESS and GREET Models 2009 Reprint
Proper Accounting for Time Increases Crop-Based Biofuels' Greenhouse Gas Deficit versus Petroleum 2009 Reprint
Optimizing U.S. Mitigation Strategies for the Light-Duty Transportation Sector: What We Learn from a Bottom-Up Model 2008 Reprint
The Effect of CO2 Regulations on the Cost of Corn Ethanol Production 2008 Reprint
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biofuels: A Framework for Analysis 2008 Research Report
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biofuels: A Framework for Analysis 2007 Reprint
Ethanol Can Contribute to Energy and Environmental Goals 2006 Reprint