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University of California, Davis

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NCST Research Report: Structural Determinants of Electric Vehicle Market Growth 2017 Research Report
City of Vancouver EV Infrastructure Strategy Report 2016 Working Paper
Achieving California’s Greenhouse Gas Goals: A Focus on Transportation 2015 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2015 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2013 Research Report
The Origin of California’s Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate 2008 Journal Article
The Dimensions of the Policy Debate over Transportation Energy: The Case of Hydrogen in the United States 2008 Research Report
Incorporating stakeholders' perspectives into models of new technology diffusion: The case of fuel-cell vehicles 2007 Research Report
Subjective Assessments of Personal Mobility: What Makes the Difference Between A Little and A Lot? 2007 Journal Article
Exploring the Cognitive and Affective Mechanisms Behind Subjective Assessments of Travel Amounts 2007 Journal Article
The California Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate: A Study of the Policy Process, 1990-2004 2006 Research Report
The Hydrogen Policy Survey: Descriptive Statistics of the Study Sample and Their Policy Perspectives 2005 Research Report
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Foreseeing the Market for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles: Stakeholders' Perspectives and Models of New Technology Diffusion 2005 Research Report
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When is Commuting Desirable to the Individual? 2004 Journal Article
Telecommuting and Residential Location: Relationships with Commute Distance Traveled for State of California Workers 2003 Research Report
Determinants of Subjective Assessments of Personal Mobility 2002 Research Report
Modeling Individuals' Relative Desired Travel Amounts 2001 Research Report