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An Experimental Study of a Hydrogen-Enriched Ethanol Fueled Wankel Rotary Engine at Ultra Lean and Full Load Conditions 2016 Journal Article
Extending the Lean Operation Limit of a Gasoline Wankel Rotary Engine Using Hydrogen Enrichment 2016 Journal Article
A Comparative Study of District and Individual Energy Systems Providing Electrical-based Heating, Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water to a Low-energy Use Residential Community 2015 Journal Article
An Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen-Enriched Gasoline in a Wankel Rotary Engine 2014 Journal Article
Experimental Results of Hydrogen Enrichment of Ethanol in an Ultra-Lean Internal Combustion Engine 2014 Journal Article
An Investigation of a Stratified Catalyst Bed for Small-Scale Hydrogen Production from Methanol Autothermal Reforming  2014 Journal Article
An Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen-Enriched Gasoline in a Wankel Rotary Engine 2014 Journal Article
UC Davis Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, and Hybrid Vehicle (FCH2V) GATE Center of Excellence 2012 Research Report
Economic Feasibility of Hydrogen Enrichment for Reducing NOx Emissions from Landfill Gas Power Generation Alternatives: A Comparison of the Levelized Cost of Electricity with Present Strategies 2012 Journal Article
An Investigation of the Cost and Performance of a Solar-Powered LED Light Designed as an Alternative to Candles in Zambia: A Project Case Study 2012 Journal Article
A More Renewable-Friendly Electrical Grid: Thermal Storage Refrigeration for Demand Response in California and Denmark 2012 Journal Article
Toward Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas "HCNG" Fuel on the Algerian Road 2011 Journal Article
An Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Fumigation in a Small Direct-Injection Diesel Engine During Part-Load Operation 2011 Journal Article
Effects of Stack Array Orientation on Fuel Cell Efficiency for Auxiliary Power Unit Applications 2010 Journal Article
Extension of the Lean Limit through Hydrogen Enrichment of a LFG-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engine and Emissions Reduction 2010 Journal Article
An Experimental Study of Methanol Autothermal Reformation as a Method of Producing Hydrogen for Transportation Applications 2010 Journal Article
Application of Heat Flux as a Control Variable in Small-Scale Packed-Bed Steam Reforming 2010 Journal Article
Implications of Sensor Location in Steam Reformer Temperature Control 2009 Journal Article
Comparison of Steam and Autothermal Reforming of Methanol Using a Packed-Bed Low-Cost Copper Catalyst 2009 Journal Article
Incorporating In-Cylinder Pressure Data to Predict NOx Emissions from Spark-Ignition Engines with Landfill Gas/Hydrogen Mixtures 2009 Journal Article
The Potential of Using Autothermal Reformation With Copper-based Catalysts in Vehicle Applications 2009 Research Report
Heat Transfer Limitations in Hydrogen Production via Steam Reformation: The Effect of Reactor Geometry 2006 Journal Article
Design Improvements on a Vee Belt CVT and Application to a New In-line CVT Concept 2005 Journal Article
Design and Development of a Parallel Hybrid Powertrain for a High Performance Sport Utility Vehicle 2005 Journal Article
Enhancing Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cell Vehicles by Superposition of Acoustic Fields on the Reformer: A Preliminary Study 2003 Presentation Series
Identification of Response-Limiting Processes in an Indirect Methanol Fuel Cell Bus Powertrain 2002 Presentation Series
Review of the University of Florida Fuel Cell Bus Research, Demonstration and Education Program 2002 Presentation Series
Interior and Exterior Noise Emitted by a Fuel Cell Transit Bus 2002 Journal Article
A Preliminary Assessment of the Possible Acceptance of Fuel Cell Bus Technology by Current Fleet Vehicle Operators 2002 Presentation Series
An Analysis of Shutdown for an Operational Fuel Cell Transit Bus 2001 Presentation Series
Hydrogen from Solar Energy: An Overview of Theory and Current Technological Status 2001 Presentation Series
Enhancing the Steam Reforming Process with Acoustics: A Theoretical Investigation of Potential Benefits for Application in Fuel Cell Vehicles 2000 Presentation Series
An Analysis of Start-Up for an Operational Fuel Cell Transit Bus 2000 Presentation Series
Fuel Cells for Transportation: A Review of Principles and Current Technological Status 1999 Presentation Series