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Gian-Claudia Sciara (

University of California, Davis

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Title Year Series
Allocating Transportation Revenues to Support Climate Policies in California and Beyond 2018 Reprint
The Impacts of Big Box Retail on Downtown: A Case Study of Target in Davis (CA) 2018 Reprint
NCST White Paper: Aligning California’s Transportation Funding with Its Climate Policies 2018 Research Report
NCST Research Report: When Do Local Governments Regulate Land Use to Serve Regional Goals? Results of a Survey Tracking Land Use Changes that Support Sustainable Mobility 2017 Research Report
Task 2 Report: Setting the Stage for Statewide Advance Mitigation in California 2015 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: Can State and Regional Efforts Change Local Land Use Planning and Reduce Sprawl? 2015 Brief
The First Big-Box Store in Davis 2015 Reprint
Saving Money When Safeguarding Species and Habitats: Conventional vs. Advance Land Acquisition for Transportation Mitigation 2015 Reprint
Experimentation and Innovation in Advance Mitigation: Lessons from California 2015 Reprint
Measuring Land Use Performance: Policy, Plan, and Outcome 2015 Research Report
Task 4 Report: Funding and Financial Mechanisms to Support Advance Mitigation 2015 Research Report
Task 3 Report: The Business Case for Advance Mitigation in California 2015 Research Report
Evaluating Progress toward SB375 Implementation: A Longâ€term View 2014 Research Report
Local Climate Action: Motives, Enabling Factors, and Barriers 2014 Reprint
Survey of Local Sustainability Practices in California 2013 Research Report
Cultivating Cooperation without Control: A Study of California's MPO-Driven Smart Growth Programs 2013 Research Report
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land-Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big-Box Store in Davis, California 2013 Reprint
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big Box Store in Davis, California 2012 Research Report
Peering Inside the Pork Barrel 2012 Reprint
Planning for Unplanned Pork: The Consequences of Congressional Earmarking for Regional Transportation Planning 2012 Reprint
Peering Inside the Pork Barrel: A Study of Congressional Earmarking in Transportation 2012 Reprint
Financing Congressional Earmarks: Implications for Transport Policy and Planning 2012 Reprint
Earmark Pursuit Practices of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Their Members 2009 Reprint
Metropolitan Transportation Funding: Prospects, Progress, and Practical Considerations 2007 Reprint
Unraveling Equity in HOT Lane Planning: A View from Practice 2006 Reprint
Making Communities Safe for Bicycles 2003 Reprint