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A Systematic Review of Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Intensity Values for Hydrogen Production Pathways 2023 Journal Article
Brief: Hydrogen Can Have a Much Lower Carbon Intensity than Fossil Fuels But This Largely Depends on How It Is Produced and Distributed 2022 Brief
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Carbon Neutrality Study 1:Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2020 Research Report
"Comparing Greenhouse Gas Emissions" chapter 6 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Journal Article
"Expected Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions by Battery, Fuel Cell, and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles" a chapter in Electric Hybrid and Vehicles 2010 Journal Article
"Lifetime Cost of Battery, Fuel-Cell, and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles," chapter 2 in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Power Sources, Models, Sustainability, Infrastructure and the Market 2010 Journal Article
Economic Assessement of Electric-Drive Vehicle Operation in California and other U.S. Regions 2010 Journal Article
Behavioral Response to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Refueling: Results of California Drive Clinics 2009 Journal Article
Dynamics in Behavioral Response to Fuel-Cell Vehicle Fleet and Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure: An Exploratory Study 2008 Journal Article
Behavioral Response to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Refueling: A Comparative Analysis of Short- and Long-Term Exposure 2008 Research Report
Reducing Greenhouse Emissions and Fuel Consumption 2007 Research Report
An Assessment of the Near-Term Costs of Hydrogen Refueling Stations and Station Components 2006 Research Report
A Retail and Lifecycle Cost Analysis of Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2006 Journal Article
Hydrogen Energy Stations: Poly-Production of Electricity, Hydrogen, and Thermal Energy 2006 Research Report
Renewable Hydrogen: Technology Review and Policy Recommendations for State-Level Sustainable Energy Futures 2006 Research Report
Integrated Hydrogen and Intelligent Transportation Systems Evaluation for the California Department of Transportation 2005 Journal Article
Hydrogen Highways 2005 Journal Article
Bridging the Gap Between Transportation and Stationary Power: Hydrogen Energy Stations and their Implications for the Transportation Sector 2005 Research Report
Fuel Cell System Economics: Comparing the Costs of Generating Power with Stationary and Motor Vehicle PEM Fuel Cell Systems 2004 Journal Article
An Integrated Hydrogen Vision for California 2004 Research Report
What Will Power the Hydrogen Economy? Present and Future Sources of Hydrogen Energy 2004 Research Report
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design: Retail and Lifecycle Cost Analysis 2003 Research Report
Fuel Cell Commercialization Perspectives — Market Concepts, Competing Technologies and Cost Challenges for Automotive and Stationary Applications 2003 Journal Article
Evaluation of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks 2002 Journal Article
Economic Analysis of Hydrogen Energy Station Concepts: Are 'H2E-Stations' a Key Link to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Infrastructure? 2002 Journal Article
Emissions of Nitrous Oxide and Methane from Conventional and Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicles 2002 Journal Article
Vehicle-to-Grid Power: Battery, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles as Resources for Distributed Electric Power in California 2001 Research Report
Potential Benefits of Utilizing Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units in Lieu of Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Idling 2001 Presentation Series
An Analysis of the Retail and Lifecycle Cost of Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles 2001 Journal Article
International Assessment of Electric-Drive Vehicles: Policies, Markets, and Technologies 2000 Journal Article
A ZEV Credit Scheme for Zero-Emission Heavy-Duty Trucks 2000 Research Report
Forecasting the Costs of Automotive PEM Fuel Cell Systems - Using Bounded Manufacturing Progress Functions 2000 Presentation Series
Power from the Fuel Cell 2000 Journal Article
Electric and Gasoline Vehicle Lifecycle Cost and Energy-Use Model 2000 Research Report
Hybridization: Cost and Efficiency Comparisons for PEM Fuel Cell Vehicles 2000 Presentation Series
An Electric-Drive Vehicle Strategy for Sweden 2000 Presentation Series
Zero-Emission Vehicle Scenario Cost Analysis Using a Fuzzy Set-Based Framework 1999 Research Report
A Review of Electric Vehicle Cost Studies: Assumptions, Methodologies, and Results 1999 Research Report
The Cost of Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Drivetrains 1999 Research Report
The Cost of Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Batteries 1999 Research Report
Policies for Fostering Sustainable Transportation Technologies 1998 Research Report
Forecasting Cost Path of Electric Vehicle Drive System: Monte Carlo Experience Curve Simulation 1997 Journal Article
Emissions of Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases From the Production and Use of Transportation Fuels and Electricity 1997 Research Report
Forecasting Electric Vehicle Costs with Experience Curves 1996 Presentation Series
Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles 1996 Journal Article
Household Markets For Neighborhood Electric Vehicles In California 1995 Research Report
Regulatory Impediments to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: Safety Standards and Zero-Emission Vehicle Rules 1994 Journal Article
Proceedings of the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Workshop: A Policy, Technology, and Research Conference 1994 Research Report
Regulatory Policy Development for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles 1994 Research Report
Incentive Policies for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles 1994 Research Report