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Changmo Kim

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Title Year Series
Rest Period Characteristics under Highway Truck Traffic for Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Asphalt Concrete Pavement 2023 Journal Article
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Input Framework for Full Depth Recycling and Application on State Route 113 and State Route 84   2022 Research Report
Updating Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Spectra in PaveM 2022 Research Report
Framework and Demonstration of Simulations of Environmental Impacts from Traffic on Highway Construction Work Zones 2022 Research Report
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Flows in Southern California 2021 Journal Article
Regression Models of Road User Cost Prediction for Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation for Life Cycle Planning in California 2021 Journal Article
Prioritizing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Local Governments Using Marginal Abatement Cost 2021 Journal Article
Brief: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities for Local Governments: A Quantification and Prioritization Framework 2020 Research Report
Brief: Climate Action Plans Should Quantify Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Costs to Achieve Meaningful, Cost-Effective Emissions Reductions 2020 Brief
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Six Strategies for GHG Reduction in Caltrans Operations 2020 Research Report
Brief: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Patterns in Southern California 2020 Brief
Effects of Increased Weights of Alternative Fuel Trucks on Pavement and Bridges 2020 Research Report
Brief: Heavier Alternative Fuel Trucks Are Not Expected to Cause Significant Additional Pavement Damage 2020 Brief
Spatioâ€Temporal Analysis of Freight Patterns in Southern California 2020 Research Report
Life Cycle Assessment for Transportation Infrastructure Policy Evaluation and Procurement for State and Local Governments 2019 Journal Article
White Paper on Alternate Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Life Cycle Approach Using a Supply Curve 2019 Research Report
Simulation of Cumulative Annual Impact of Pavement Structural Response on Vehicle Fuel Economy for California Test Sections 2016 Research Report
Automated Sequence Selection and Cost Calculation for Maintenance and Rehabilitation in Highway Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) 2015 Journal Article
Impact of Pavement Roughness on Vehicle Free-Flow Speed 2014 Research Report
Impact of Pavement Roughness on Vehicle Free-Flow Speed 2013 Research Report
UCPRC Life Cycle Assessment Methodology and Initial Case Studies on Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions for Pavement Preservation Treatments with Different Rolling Resistance 2012 Research Report
Life Cycle Energy Consumption and GHG Emission from Pavement Rehabilitation with Different Rolling Resistance 2012 Journal Article
Selection of Pavement for Highway Rehabilitation Based on Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: Validation of California Interstate 710 Project, Phase 1 2011 Journal Article
A Mechanistic Model of Work Zone Capacity 2008 Research Report
Construction and Traffic Analysis of Interstate 15 (Devore II) Concrete Pavement Reconstruction Project 2008 Research Report