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Dillon T. Fitch

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Examining the Effects of the Sacramento Dockless E-Bike Share on Bicycling and Driving 2021 Reprint
Factors Influencing Dock-Less E-Bike-Share Mode Substitution: Evidence From Sacramento, California 2021 Reprint
Bicyclist Stress Perceptions and Heart Rate Variability 2021 Reprint
Brief: Bike-Share in the Sacramento Region Primarily Substitutes for Car and Walking Trips and Reduces Vehicle Miles Traveled 2021 Brief
How Dock-less Electric Bike Share Influences Travel Behavior, Attitudes, Health, and Equity: Phase II 2021 Research Report
Local Policies for Better Micromobility 2021 Research Report
Brief: Bike Lanes and Slow Car Speeds Can Improve Bicycling Comfort for Some (But Not All) People 2020 Brief
Research Synthesis for the California Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force 2020 Research Report
Psychological Stress of Bicycling With Traffic: Examining Heart Rate Variability of Bicyclists in Natural Urban Environments 2020 Reprint
Road environments and bicyclist route choice: The cases of Davis and San Francisco, CA 2020 Reprint
Brief: Electric Bike-share in the Sacramento Region is Replacing Car Trips and Supporting More Favorable Attitudes Towards Bicycling 2020 Brief
Investigating the Influence of Dockless Electric Bike-share on Travel Behavior, Attitudes, Health, and Equity 2020 Research Report
Brief: Assessing Transportation Impacts Using Vehicle Miles Traveled Rather Than Level of Service Can Incentivize Infill Development 2020 Brief
Making Bicycling Comfortable: Identifying Minimum Infrastructure Needs by Population Segments Using a Video Survey 2020 Research Report
E-Bicycling for Short Distance Commutes: What Will It Take for Drivers to Switch? 2019 Reprint
Policy Brief: Electric Assisted Bikes (E-Bikes) Show Promise in Getting People out of Cars    2019 Brief
The Relation of the Road Environment and Bicycling Attitudes to Usual Travel Mode to School in Teenagers 2019 Reprint
The Road Environment and Urban Bicycling: Psychophysiological and Behavioral Responses 2018 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: A San Francisco Case Study: What Bicycle Investments Have the Greatest Influence on Where People Ride? 2017 Research Report
Development of Recommended Guidelines for Preservation Treatments for Bicycle Routes 2017 Research Report
Modeling Bicycling to Elementary and Junior High Schools with Bike Rack Counts 2016 Reprint
Traffic Stress and Bicycling to Elementary and Junior High School: Evidence from Davis, California 2016 Reprint
NCST Research Report: Bicyclist Behavior in San Francisco: A Before-and-After Study of the Impact of Infrastructure Investments 2016 Research Report
Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Owners in California: A GIS Scenario Planning Tool 2014 Working Paper