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Influence of Regional Development Policies and Clean Technology Adoption on Future Air Pollution Exposure 2010 Reprint
Public vs. Private Mobility for Low Income Households: Transit Improvements vs. Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento Region 2009 Research Report
Assessing the Influence of Rapid Urban Growth and Regional Policies on Biological Resources 2009 Research Report
Destination Choice Modeling for Home-based Non-commute Trips: Some Improvements in Utility Function and a Case Study in China 2009 Research Report
Developing the California Integrated Land Use/Transportation Model 2009 Research Report
Neighborhood Economic and Racial Succession: Understanding this Process of Decline and its Effects on Residential Choice in Land Use Models 2009 Reprint
Nonnormality of Data in Structural Equation Models 2008 Reprint
Modeling Long-Range Transportation and Land Use Scenarios for the Sacramento Region, Using Citizen-Generated Policies 2008 Research Report
Non-normality of Data in Structural Equation Models 2008 Research Report
UPlan: Geographic Information System as Framework for Integrated Land Use Planning Model 2007 Research Report
Interpreting Performance Indicators from a Statewide Integrated Transportation-Land Use Model 2007 Research Report
Exploring the Connections Among Job Accessibility, Employment, Income, and Auto Ownership Using Structural Equation Modeling 2007 Research Report
Integrated urban model for California: Policy evaluation capabilities 2007 Research Report
Building Causal Connections among Job Accessibility, Employment, Income, and Auto Ownership Using Structural Equation Modeling:  A Case Study in Sacramento County 2006 Research Report
Modeling potential species richness and urban buildout to identify mitigation sites along a California highway 2006 Reprint
Forecasting exurban development to evaluate the influence of land-use policies on wildland and farmland conservation 2005 Research Report
UPlan: A Versatile Urban Growth Model for Transportation Planning 2004 Reprint