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Debapriya Chakraborty

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Title Year Series
Estimating the Travel Demand Impacts of Semi Automated Vehicles 2022 Journal Article
Integrating Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) Into Household Fleets - Factors Influencing Miles Traveled by PEV Owners in California (journal article) 2022 Journal Article
Brief: Partially Automated Vehicles Are Increasing Vehicle Miles Traveled 2021 Brief
Emerging Technology Zero Emission Vehicle Household Travel and Refueling Behavior 2021 Research Report
Integrating Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) into Household Fleets - Factors Influencing Miles Traveled by PEV Owners in California (research report) 2021 Research Report
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Diffusion in California: Role of Exposure to New Technology at Home and Work 2021 Research Report
Brief: Exposure to Electric Vehicle Technology at Home and Work Can Fuel Market Growth 2021 Brief
Where are Used Electric Vehicles and Who are the Buyers? 2021 Research Report
Brief: Cost of Vehicle Ownership: Cost Parity Between Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Conventional Vehicles Is at Least a Decade Away 2021 Brief
Cost of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Ownership: The Cost of Transitioning to Five Million Plug-In Vehicles in California 2021 Research Report
A Quantitative Investigation into the Impact of Partially Automated Vehicles on Vehicle Miles Travelled in California 2021 Research Report
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Brief: What Factors Drive Commuters’ Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure? 2020 Brief
"Electric Cars in California: Policy and Behavior Perspectives" chapter in Who’s Driving Electric Cars  2020 Journal Article
Why Do Some Consumers Not Charge Their Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles? Evidence From Californian Plug-in Hybrid Owners 2020 Journal Article
The Usual Policy Levers Are Not Engaging Consumers in the Transition to Electric Vehicles: A Case of Sacramento, California 2020 Journal Article
Exploring electric vehicle charging patterns: Mixed usage of charging infrastructure 2020 Journal Article
Factors Affecting Demand for Plug-in Charging Infrastructure: An Analysis of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Commuters 2020 Research Report
Exploring Heterogeneous Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior: Mixed Usage of Charging Infrastructure 2019 Journal Article
Demand Drivers for Charging Infrastructure-Charging Behavior of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Commuters 2019 Research Report