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"Electric Cars in California: Policy and Behavior Perspectives" chapter in Who’s Driving Electric Cars 



Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center

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: Tal G., Kurani K., Jenn A., Chakraborty D., Hardman S., Garas D. (2020) "Electric Cars in California: Policy and Behavior Perspectives." In: Contestabile M., Tal G., Turrentine T. (eds) Who’s Driving Electric Cars. Lecture Notes in Mobility. Springer, Cham.
This chapter is divided into two parts: in the first part we illustrate the evolution of PEV regulation and technology in California, which has both led and influenced PEV policy globally. In the second part we present selected results of recent research conducted at UC Davis, particularly looking at the profiles of current PEV adopters in California and how these have evolved in recent years, the impact of financial and non-financial incentives on adoption of PEVs, charging behavior as a function of dwelling and home charger type, travel patterns, electricity price and PEV range.

Keywords: zero emission vehicles, plug-in electric vehicle, battery electric vehicles