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Alan Jenn

University of California, Davis

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Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand on Power Distribution Grid Congestion

2024 Journal Article
Evaluating the Hourly Emissions Intensity of the US Electricity System 2023 Journal Article
The Costs and Challenges of Installing Corridor DC Fast Chargers in California 2023 Journal Article
Modeling Future Hydrogen Supply Chains in the Western United States Under Uncertainties: An Optimization-Based Approach Focusing on California as a Hydrogen Hub 2023 Journal Article
California Hydrogen Analysis Project: The Future Role of Hydrogen in a Carbon-neutral California: Final Synthesis Modeling Report 2023 Research Report
Tolling lessons learned for road usage charge 2023 Research Report
Emissions of Electric Vehicles in California’s Transition to Carbon Neutrality 2023 Journal Article
Charging Forward: Deploying EV Infrastructure for Uber and Lyft in California 2023 Journal Article
Nuclear Power Generation Phase-Outs Redistribute US Air Quality and Climate-Related Mortality Risk 2023 Journal Article
Brief: Tolling Lessons Learned for Road Usage Charge 2023 Brief

Emissions and Health Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption on Disadvantaged Communities

2023 Research Report
Reliability of Corridor DC Fast Chargers and the Prevalence of no-Charge Events 2023 Conference Paper
When Will California’s Electric Distribution System Need to be Upgraded to Meet Electric Vehicle Charging Demand?  2023 Conference Paper
National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program Annual Report 2023 Research Report
Evaluating the Emissions Benefits of Investor-Owned Utility Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Programs in California 2023 Conference Paper
What Is the Business Case for Public Electric Vehicle Chargers? 2023 Conference Paper
Impacts of Precautionary and Opportunistic Buying Behaviors and Supply Issues on Supply Chain Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022 Journal Article
Distribution Grid Impacts of Electric Vehicles: A California Case Study 2022 Journal Article
Hourly Accounting of Carbon Emissions from Electricity Consumption 2022 Journal Article
Energy, Emissions, and Cost Impacts of Charging Price Strategies for Electric Vehicles 2022 Journal Article
Nuclear and Coal Power Generation Phaseouts Redistribute U.S. Air Quality and Climate Related Mortality Risk 2022 Journal Article
Micromobility Trip Characteristics, Transit Connections, and COVID-19 Effects 2022 Research Report

Brief: New Metrics Are Needed to Understand the Environmental Benefits of Micromobility Services

2022 Brief
What Do We Know about Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandates? 2022 Journal Article
Evaluating the Emission Benefits of Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Case Study in California 2022 Journal Article
Spatial-temporal Modeling of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure and Management for a Sustainable Energy System 2022 Dissertation
Ridehailing Use, Travel Pattern and Multimodal Lifestyle: A Latent-Class Cluster Analysis of One-Week Gps-Based Travel Diaries in California 2022 Conference Paper
Private versus Shared, Automated Electric Vehicles for U.S. Personal Mobility: Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Grid Integration, and Cost Impacts 2021 Journal Article
Health and Climate Impacts from Long-Haul Truck Electrification 2021 Journal Article
Grid-Integrated Electric Mobility Model (GEM) v1.0 2021 Journal Article
Energy Consumption and Charging Load Profiles from Long-Haul Truck Electrification in the United States 2021 Journal Article
Green Charging of Electric Vehicles Under a Net-Zero Emissions Policy Transition in California 2021 Research Report
Air Quality Trade-Offs of a Rapid Expansion of Personal Electric Vehicles in China 2021 Journal Article
Low Carbon Scenario Analysis of a Hydrogen-Based Energy Transition for On-Road Transportation in California 2021 Journal Article
Brief: New UC Davis Model Shows Promise in Identifying Optimal Locations of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks in California 2021 Brief
Brief: Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles Will Reduce Emissions and Costs in a 100% Renewable Energy Future in California 2021 Brief
Examining energy uncertainty in battery bus deployments for transit agencies in California 2021 Journal Article
Spatial Modeling of Future Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Travel and Refueling Patterns in California 2021 Research Report
Brief: Road User Charge Administration: Lessons Learned from Fuel Taxes 2021 Brief
Charging Forward: Deploying Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Uber and Lyft in California 2021 Research Report
Brief: Charging Forward: Deploying Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Uber and Lyft in California 2021 Brief
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Optimal Range of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Beijing and Shanghai 2020 Journal Article
Emissions Benefits of Electric Vehicles in Uber and Lyft Ride-Hailing Services 2020 Journal Article
Environmental Impacts of Extreme Fast Charging 2020 Journal Article
"Electric Cars in California: Policy and Behavior Perspectives" chapter in Who’s Driving Electric Cars  2020 Journal Article
Federal Road Charge Tax Administration Process 2020 Research Report
Factors Affecting Demand for Plug-in Charging Infrastructure: An Analysis of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Commuters 2020 Research Report
Leveraging Open-Source Tools for Collaborative Macro-energy System Modeling Efforts 2020 Journal Article
An In-Depth Examination of Electric Vehicle Incentives: Consumer Heterogeneity and Changing Response over Time 2020 Journal Article
A Joint Optimization Scheme for Planning and Operations of Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicle Fleets Serving Mobility on Demand 2019 Journal Article
Implementing Pricing Schemes to Meet a Variety of Transportation Goals 2019 Journal Article
Alternative-Fuel-Vehicle Policy Interactions Increase U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2019 Journal Article
An Examination of the Impact That Electric Vehicle Incentives Have on Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Time 2019 Research Report
Policy Brief: A Zero-Emission Vehicle Registration Fee is Not a Sustainable Funding Source for Maintaining California’s Roadways 2019 Brief
Emissions Benefits of Electric Vehicles in Uber and Lyft Services 2019 Research Report
Policy Brief: Electrifying Ride-Sharing: Transitioning to a Cleaner Future 2019 Brief
Brief: Incentives for Plug-in Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Important Over Time for Consumers 2019 Research Report
Lessons Learned for Designing Programs to Charge for Road Use, Congestion, and Emissions 2019 Research Report
Brief: Lessons Learned for Designing Programs to Charge for Road Use, Congestion, and Emissions 2019 Brief
Driving the Market for Plug-In Vehicles: Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2018 Research Report
Estimating the Longest Trip for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Households 2018 Journal Article
Policy Guide: Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles: Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2018 Brief
A Review of Consumer Preferences of and Interactions with Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2018 Journal Article
Assessing Alternatives to California's Electric Vehicle Registration Fee 2018 Research Report
Cost Implications for Automaker Compliance of Zero Emissions Vehicle Requirements 2018 Journal Article
New Mobility Service Users' Perceptions on Electric Vehicle Adoption 2018 Journal Article
Effectiveness of Electric Vehicle Incentives in the United States 2018 Journal Article
California Feebate: Revenue Neutral Approach to Support Transition Towards More Energy Efficient Vehicles 2017 Research Report
A Multi-Model Approach to Generating International Electric Vehicle Future Adoption Scenarios 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Developing PEV Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2017 Research Report
Brief: A California Feebate Program can Support Transition to Zero Emission Vehicles at No Cost to Taxpayers 2017 Brief
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Adoption Increases Fleet Gasoline Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions under United States Corporate Average Fuel Economy Policy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards 2016 Journal Article
Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Reductions Options and Policies for California to 2050: Analysis and Model Development Using the CA-TIMES Model 2016 Research Report
Heterogeneity in the Response to Gasoline Prices: Evidence from Pennsylvania and Implications for the Rebound Effect 2015 Journal Article
How Will We Fund Our Roads? A Case of Decreasing Revenue from Electric Vehicles 2015 Research Report
The Impact of Federal Incentives on the Adoption of Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the United States 2013 Research Report