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Conformity Policy: Air Quality Impact Assessment for Local Transportation Projects 1998 Research Report
Carbon Monoxide Impacts of Automatic Vehicle Tolling Operations 1995 Presentation Series
Concurrent Air Quality Analysis Under the National Environmental Policy Act and Transportation/Air Quality Conformity 1995 Journal Article
Statistical Assessment of Vehicular Carbon Monoxide Emission Prediction Algorithms 1995 Journal Article
Vehicle Scrappage Programs: Are Some Sectors of Society Paying More for Clean Air? 1994 Presentation Series
Modeling Air Quality for Conformity, Current Deficiencies and New Directions 1994 Presentation Series
NEPA and Transportation/Air Quality Conformity 1994 Presentation Series
Congestion Pricing and Motor Vehicle Emissions: An Initial Review 1994 Journal Article
Modeling IVHS Emission Impacts, Volume II: Assessment of the CALINE4 Line Source Dispersion Model 1994 Research Report
Incidents, Lane Closures, and Rapid Incident Response: Congestion and Emissions Analysis 1994 Research Report
Modeling IVHS Emission Impacts, Volume I: Background Issues and Modeling Capabilities 1994 Research Report
IVHS Technologies and Motor Vehicle Emissions 1993 Presentation Series
Cost-effectiveness of Air Quality Measures for Heavy Duty Trucks 1993 Research Report
Congestion Pricing and Motor Vehicle Emissions: An Initial Review 1993 Presentation Series
Emission Impacts of Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems 1993 Presentation Series
Maybe We Can Build Our Way Out: Rethinking Infrastructure Solutions to Address Current Transportation Problems 1993 Presentation Series
Data Needs for Evolving Motor Vehicle Emission Modeling Approaches 1993 Journal Article
Assessing the Emission Impacts of IVHS in an Uncertain Future 1993 Presentation Series
Critical Research Needs in Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality 1993 Journal Article
Vehicle Emission Rates and Average Vehicle Operating Speeds 1993 Research Report
A Weighted Disaggregate Approach to Modeling Speed Correction Factors 1993 Research Report
Reconciling Mobile Source Offset Programs with Air Quality Management Plans 1992 Presentation Series
Equity Dilemmas Associated with Command-and-Control and Market-Based Approaches to Air Pollution Control 1992 Presentation Series
Proceedings of the Summer Meeting of the Transportation Research Board 1992 Presentation Series
A Research Plan Designed to Reduce Uncertainty in the Emission Inventory for Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Trucks 1992 Research Report
The Role of Transportation Control Measures in California's Air Pollution Control Strategy 1992 Research Report
A Transportation Control Measure Taxonomy and Review of Recent TCM Effectiveness Studies 1992 Research Report
Air Quality Impacts of IVHS: An Initial Review 1992 Presentation Series
A Transportation/Air Quality Research Agenda for the 1990's 1991 Presentation Series
Uncertainty in the Emission Inventory for Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Trucks 1991 Presentation Series
Managing Trucks for Air Quality: Current Work in Progress 1991 Journal Article
Uncertainty in the Emission Inventory for Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Trucks 1991 Research Report
Proposed Mobil Source Offset Provisions in California May Negatively Impact Air Quality 1990 Journal Article