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Deciphering the Factors Associated With Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in California: An Investigation of Latent Attitudes, Socio-Demographics, and Neighborhood Effects 2023 Journal Article
Travel Demand Modeling Methodology Recommendations for the Link21 Program 2022 Research Report
A Deeper Investigation Into the Effect of the Built Environment on the Use of Ridehailing for Non-work Travel 2021 Journal Article
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Diffusion in California: Role of Exposure to New Technology at Home and Work 2021 Research Report
Brief: Exposure to Electric Vehicle Technology at Home and Work Can Fuel Market Growth 2021 Brief
Brief: What Factors Drive Commuters’ Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure? 2020 Brief
Factors Affecting Demand for Plug-in Charging Infrastructure: An Analysis of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Commuters 2020 Research Report
Demand Drivers for Charging Infrastructure-Charging Behavior of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Commuters 2019 Research Report
Integration of Behavioral Effects from Vehicle Choice Models into Long-Term Energy Systems Optimization Models 2018 Journal Article
Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Reductions Options and Policies for California to 2050: Analysis and Model Development Using the CA-TIMES Model 2016 Research Report
Incorporating Behavioral Effects from Vehicle Choice Models into Bottom-Up Energy Sector Models 2015 Research Report
Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in California: California TIMES (CA-TIMES) Model 2014 Research Report
Feebates and Fuel Economy Standards: Impacts on Fuel Use in Light-Duty Vehicles and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2011 Journal Article
Potential Design, Implementation, and Benefits of a Feebate Program for New Passenger Vehicles in California: Interim Statement of Research Findings 2010 Research Report
Analysis of Auto Industry and Consumer Response to Regulations and Technological Change, and Customization of Consumer Response Models in Support of AB 1493 Rulemaking 2004 Research Report
The Price of Regulation 2004 Journal Article
Determinants of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Choice in the Continental United States 1998 Journal Article
Commercial Fleet Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles in California 1997 Journal Article
A Transactions Choice Model for Forecasting Demand for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles 1996 Journal Article
A Dynamic Forecasting System for Vehicle Markets with Clean-Fuel Vehicles 1996 Presentation Series
Analysis of the Future Household Market for Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Southern California Using a Microsimulation Forecasting System 1996 Research Report
A Demand Forecasting System for Clean-Fuel Vehicles 1994 Presentation Series
Demand for Clean-Fuel Vehicles in California: A Discrete-Choice Stated Preference Pilot Project 1993 Journal Article
Modeling the Choice of Clean Fuels and Clean Fuel Vehicles 1991 Presentation Series
Heterogeneity and State Dependence in Household Car Ownership: A Panel Analysis Using Ordered Response Probit Models with Error Components 1990 Journal Article
Multinomial Probit Model Estimation Revisited: Testing of New Algorithms and Evaluation of Alternative Model Specifications for Trinomial Models of Household Car Ownership 1990 Presentation Series
Heterogeneity and State Dependence in Household Car Ownership: A Panel Analysis Using Ordered-Response Probit Models With Error Components 1989 Research Report
Estimability in the Multinomial Probit Model 1989 Research Report