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Evaluation of the Economics of Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks and Buses: Methods, Issues, and Results 2022 Research Report
Spatial Scenarios for Market Penetration of Plug-in Battery Electric Trucks in the U.S. 2022 Research Report
Brief: The Costs of Owning Battery-Electric Trucks – Is the Research Aligning? 2022 Brief
The Current and Future Performance and Costs of Battery Electric Trucks: Review of Key Studies and A Detailed Comparison of Their Cost Modeling Scope and Coverage 2022 Research Report
Estimating Maintenance and Repair Costs for Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Trucks 2022 Research Report
Heavy-Duty Trucks: The Challenge of Getting to Zero 2021 Journal Article
Electrification of Medium- And Heavy-Duty Ground Transportation: Status Report 2021 Journal Article
Brief: New UC Davis Model Shows Promise in Identifying Optimal Locations of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks in California 2021 Brief
Spatial Modeling of Future Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Travel and Refueling Patterns in California 2021 Research Report
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Brief: Developing Markets for Clean Heavy-Duty Trucks in Short-Haul Applications 2021 Brief
Hydrogen Infrastructure Requirements for Zero-Emission Freight Applications in California 2021 Research Report
Developing Markets for Zero Emission Vehicles in Short Haul Goods Movement 2020 Research Report
Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-duty Truck Technology, Markets, and Policy Assessments for California 2020 Research Report
Brief: Developing Zero-Emission Bus and Truck Markets Will Require a Mix of Financial Incentives, Sale Mandates, and Demonstration Projects 2020 Brief
Effects of Increased Weights of Alternative Fuel Trucks on Pavement and Bridges 2020 Research Report
Brief: Heavier Alternative Fuel Trucks Are Not Expected to Cause Significant Additional Pavement Damage 2020 Brief
Technology and Fuel Transition Scenarios to Low Greenhouse Gas Futures for Cars and Trucks in California 2019 Research Report
Development of Integrated Vehicle and Fuel Scenarios in a National Energy System Model for Low Carbon U.S. Transportation Futures 2018 Research Report
Natural Gas as a Bridge to Hydrogen Transportation Fuel: Insights from the Literature 2018 Journal Article
NCST Research Report: The Development of Lifecycle Data for Hydrogen Fuel Production and Delivery 2017 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Truck Choice Modeling: Understanding California's Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicle Trucks Taking into Account Truck Technologies, Costs, and Fleet Decision Behavior 2017 Research Report
The Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to Accommodate the Future Conversion to Near-Zero Transportation Technology 2017 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Assessment of Critical Barriers to Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Deployment – Workshop Series 2016 Research Report
The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute 2016 Research Report
STEPS-NCST White Paper: Strategies for Transitioning to Low-Carbon Emission Trucks in the United States 2015 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: Can Deep Cuts in GHG Emissions from Trucks be Achieved by 2050? 2015 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2015 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in the Place of Batteries in Hybrid Vehicles 2014 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2013 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in Micro-and Mild Hybrids with Lead-Acid Batteries: Simulations and Laboratory and In-Vehicle Testing 2013 Research Report
Analysis of Class 8 Truck Technologies for Their Fuel Savings and Economics 2013 Journal Article
Life Cycle Testing of Lithium Batteries for Fast Charging and Second-Use Applications 2013 Journal Article
Performance of Advanced Ultracapacitors and Prospects for Higher Energy Density 2012 Presentation Series
Fast Charging Tests (up to 6C) of Lithium Titanate Cells and Modules: Electrical and Thermal Response 2012 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in Hybrid Vehicle Applications: Testing of New High Power Devices and Prospects for Increased Energy Density 2012 Research Report
"Comparing Fuel Economies and Costs of Advanced vs. Conventional Vehicles" chapter 4 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Journal Article
Comparison of Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology and Fuel Efficiency 2011 Research Report
Lithium Batteries and Ultracapacitors Alone and in Combination in Hybrid Vehicles: Fuel Economy and Battery Stress Reduction Advantages 2010 Research Report
The Power Capability of Ultracapacitors and Lithium Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Applications 2010 Journal Article
The UC Davis Emerging Lithium Battery Test Project 2009 Research Report
Electrochemical Capacitors as Energy Storage in Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: Present Status and Future Prospects 2009 Research Report
Performance Characteristics of Lithium-ion Batteries of Various Chemistries for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles 2009 Research Report
Hydrogen Bus Technology Validation Program 2005 Research Report
Design Considerations for a PEM Fuel Cell Powered Truck APU 2004 Research Report
Analysis and Prediction of in-Cylinder NOx Emissions for Lean Burn CNG/H2 Transit Bus Engines 2004 Journal Article
A Feasibility Study of the Hybrid Carbon/Lead Oxide Ultracapacitor: Analysis, Assembly, Testing, and Projection of Future Potential 2003 Research Report
Update of Ultracapacitor Technology and Hybrid Vehicle Applications: Passenger Cars and Transit Buses 2001 Presentation Series
Experimental Studies of Cells and Modules of Advanced Ultracapacitors 2001 Research Report
Electric and Gasoline Vehicle Lifecycle Cost and Energy-Use Model 2000 Research Report
Assessment of the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Ultra-Clean Hybrid-Electric Vehicles 1997 Research Report
Statewide Fuel Cell Research, Design, and Development Collaboration Plan 1996 Research Report
Assessment of Flywheels and Ultracapacitors for the DOT Fuel Cell Bus Program 1995 Research Report
Hydrogen as a Transportation Fuel: Infrastructure Consideration 1994 Research Report
Toward a Fuel Cell Future: Planning for the Commercialization of Fuel Cells 1993 Research Report