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Michael Zhang

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Assessing the Economic Impact of Speed Limit Changes on Safety and Mobility in California 2023 Research Report
Modeling Multi-Modal Mobility in a Coupled Morning-Evening Commute Framework That Considers Deadheading and Flexible Pooling 2023 Research Report
The Impacts of Automated Vehicles on Center City Parking 2023 Journal Article
Improving Security and User Privacy in Learning-Based Traffic Signal Controllers (TSC) 2022 Journal Article
Making HOT lanes benefit every traveler --- design, pricing, and analysis 2022 Research Report
Predicting Traffic Performance During a Wildfire Using Machine Learning 2022 Journal Article
Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Platooning Control for Travel Delay and Fuel Optimization 2022 Journal Article
Arrival-Based Backpressure Traffic Signal Control 2022 Journal Article
Assessing the Health Impact of Proposed Congestion Pricing Plan For Downtown San Francisco 2022 Research Report
Design Autonomous Vehicle Behaviors in Heterogeneous Traffic Flow 2022 Research Report
Effect of Traffic Density on Drivers’ Lane Change and Overtaking Maneuvers in Freeway Situation—A Driving Simulator-based Study 2022 Journal Article
Empirical Behavioral Study of Airport-Serving Taxi Drivers Using Automatic Vehicle Location Data 2022 Journal Article
Revealing Urban Community Structures by Fusing Multisource Transportation Data 2022 Journal Article
Equilibrium Modeling of Mixed Autonomy Traffic Flow Based on Game Theory 2022 Journal Article
Predicting Traffic Performance During a Wildfire Using Machine Learning 2022 Journal Article
Arrival-Based Backpressure Traffic Signal Control 2022 Conference Paper
Raising Truck Speed Limits in California Could Increase Mobility But May Also Increase Crashes 2021 Brief
Fighting for Curb Space: Parking, Ride-Hailing, Urban Freight Deliveries, and Other Users 2021 Research Report
Cargo Routing and Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Research Report
Adversarial Attacks and Defense in Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)-Based Traffic Signal Controllers 2021 Journal Article
Impact of Deep RL-based Traffic Signal Control on Air Quality 2021 Journal Article
Macro-Level Hazardous Material Transportation Safety Analysis in China Using a Bayesian Negative Binomial Model Combined with Conditional Autoregression Prior 2021 Journal Article
Security Vulnerabilities and Protection Algorithms for Backpressure-Based Traffic Signal Control at an Isolated Intersection 2021 Journal Article
Time Series Relations between Parking Garage Occupancy and Traffic Speed in Macroscopic Downtown Areas – A Data Driven Study 2021 Journal Article
Cooperatively Coevolutionary Optimization Design of Limited-Stop Services and Operating Frequencies for Transit Networks 2021 Journal Article
Adaptive Differential Privacy Mechanism for Aggregated Mobility Dataset 2021 Journal Article
Assess the Mobility and Health Impact of COVID-19 on Diverse Communities 2021 Research Report
The Value of Pre-trip Information on Departure Time and Route Choice in the Morning Commute Under Stochastic Traffic Conditions 2021 Journal Article
Assessing the Safety Implication of Alternative Speed Limits in California 2020 Research Report
The Impacts of Automated Vehicles on Center City Parking Demand 2020 Research Report
Active Transportation and Community Health Impacts of Automated Vehicle Scenarios: An Integration of the San Francisco Bay Area Activity Based Travel Demand Model and the Integrated Transport and Health Impacts Model (ITHIM) 2020 Journal Article
Brief: The Impacts of Automated Vehicles on Center City Parking Demand, Congestion, and Emissions 2020 Brief
Get More Out of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Control: An Integrated Approach to Manage Traffic Corridors with Multiple Bottlenecks 2020 Research Report
Brief: Get More Out of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Control: An Integrated Approach to Manage Traffic Corridors with Multiple Bottlenecks 2020 Brief
Modeling e-hailing and car-pooling services in a coupled morning evening commute framework 2020 Research Report
Brief: Modeling E-Hailing and Car-Pooling Services in a Coupled Morning-Evening Commute Framework 2020 Brief
Modeling E-Hailing and Car-Pooling Services in a Coupled Morning- Evening Commute Framework 2020 Research Report
A Deep On-Policy Learning Agent for Traffic Signal Control of Multiple Intersections 2020 Conference Paper
Enabling Performance and Security Simulation Studies of Intelligent Traffic Signal Light Control with VENTOS-HIL 2020 Journal Article
Evaluation of Freeway Traffic Data Acquisition: Technology, Quality, and Cost 2020 Research Report
Optimal Driving of Autonomous Vehicle Platoons on Arterial Streets to Reduce Fuel Consumption 2020 Research Report
Safety Effects of the Yellow Light Border (YPB) Pedestrian Signal: An Evaluation (or An Empirical Study on Crossing Behavior at a Signalized Intersection with High-Volume Pedestrians) 2020 Research Report
The Impact of Truck Proportion on Traffic Safety Using Surrogate Safety Measures in China 2020 Journal Article
Energy-Aware Trajectory Optimization of Connected and Automated Vehicle Platoons through a Signalized Intersection 2019 Research Report
A Study of the Integrated Parking and Ridesharing Pricing/Incentives and their Social and Environmental Impacts in Metropolitan Areas 2019 Research Report
Coordination Behaviors in Directed Transportation Networks: Laboratory Study of Equilibrium Transformation 2019 Journal Article
On the Role of Speed Adaptation and Spacing Indifference in Traffic Instability: Evidence From Car-Following Experiments and Its Stochastic Model 2019 Journal Article
Optimal Parking Supply in Bi-modal Transportation Network Considering Transit Scale Economies 2019 Journal Article
Routing Traffic for Community Health: The Case with Safety-Conscious Travelers  2019 Research Report
Safety Effects of the Yellow Light Border (YPB) Pedestrian Signal: An Evaluation Study 2019 Research Report
Search for Parking: A Dynamic Parking and Route Guidance System for Efficient Parking and Traffic Management 2019 Journal Article
Understanding Multiple Days’ Metro Travel Demand at Aggregate Level 2019 Journal Article
VENTOS: Vehicular Network Open Simulator with Hardware-in-the-Loop Support 2019 Journal Article
Analysis of Feedback Control Scheme on Discrete Car-Following System 2018 Journal Article
Analysis of Mixed Traffic Flow with Human-Driving and Autonomous Cars Based on Car-Following Model 2018 Journal Article
Characterization of University Parking System 2018 Research Report
Delay-Based Traffic Signal Control for Throughput Optimality and Fairness at an Isolated Intersection 2018 Journal Article
Discretization and OpenCL-based Implementation of Social Field Pedestrian Model 2018 Journal Article
Driving Behavior Recognition Using EEG Data From a Simulated Car-Following Experiment 2018 Journal Article
Experimental and Empirical Investigations of Traffic Flow Instability 2018 Journal Article
Experimental Study and Modeling of Car-Following Behavior Under High Speed Situation 2018 Journal Article
Exploring the Congestion Pattern at Long-Queued Tunnel Sag and Increasing the Efficiency by Control 2018 Journal Article
Falsified Data Attack on Backpressure-based Traffic Signal Control Algorithms 2018 Conference Paper
Field Based Model for Pedestrian Dynamics 2018 Journal Article
Managing Day-to-Day Network Traffic Evolution via an Altering Ex-Post Information Release Strategy 2018 Journal Article
Optimal Traffic Signal Control Under Dynamic User Equilibrium and Link Constraints in a General Network 2018 Journal Article
Optimizing Tailored Bus Bridging Paths 2018 Conference Paper
Parking Permits Management and Optimal Parking Supply Considering Traffic Emission Cost 2018 Journal Article
Plan-Based Flexible Bus Bridging Operation Strategy 2018 Journal Article
Optimizing Bus Bridging Strategies during Metro DisruptionsConsidering BridgingTime and Passenger Delays 2017 Conference Paper
A Unified Follow-The-Leader Model for Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic 2017 Journal Article
An Optimization-Based Highway Network Planning Procedure with Link Growth Probabilities 2017 Journal Article
DSRC versus 4G-LTE for Connected Vehicle Applications: A Study on Field Experiments of Vehicular Communication Performance 2017 Journal Article
Dynamic Traffic Routing in a Network with Adaptive Signal Control 2017 Journal Article
Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic Flow: A Pragmatic Approach 2017 Journal Article
Relationships Between Parking Garage Occupancy and Traffic Speeds In Cities: Results From a Data-Driven Study 2017 Journal Article
Comparative Analyses of Taxi Operations at the Airport 2017 Journal Article
The Morning Commute Problem With Ridesharing and Dynamic Parking Charges 2017 Journal Article
Understanding Evacuation and Impact of a Metro Collision on Ridership Using Large-Scale Mobile Phone Data 2017 Journal Article
Using Longitudinal Mobile Phone Data to Understand the Stability of Individual Travel Patterns: Case Study of Three Communities in Shanghai, China 2017 Journal Article
Bounding Tandem Queuing System Performance with Variational Theory 2015 Journal Article
Investigating Freeway Traffic Hypercongestion Between an On-ramp and Its Immediate Upstream Off-ramp 2015 Journal Article
Cascading Failures in Weighted Complex Networks of Transit Systems Based on Coupled Map Lattices 2015 Journal Article
Security Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicle Streams and Their Impact on Cooperative Driving 2015 Journal Article
Estimation of Bimodal Urban Link Travel Time Distribution and Its Applications in Traffic Analysis 2015 Journal Article
A Generalized Queuing Model and Its Solution Properties 2015 Journal Article
Statistical Inference on Transit Route-Level Origin–Destination Flows Using Automatic Passenger Counter Data 2015 Journal Article
Driving Simulator Evaluation of Drivers’ Response to Intersections With Dynamic Use of Exit-Lanes for Left-Turn 2015 Journal Article
On Some Experimental Features of Car-Following Behavior and How to Model Them 2015 Journal Article
On Traffic Relaxation, Anticipation,  and Hysteresis 2015 Journal Article
Platoon Management With Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Enabled by VANET 2015 Journal Article
Traffic Flow Dynamics Considering Merging Location Choice 2015 Conference Paper
Understanding the Structure of Hyper-Congested Traffic From Empirical and Experimental Evidences 2015 Journal Article
High-Performance Vehicle Streams: Communication and Control Architecture 2014 Journal Article
A New Car-Following Model Considering Acceleration of Lead Vehicle 2014 Journal Article
Development of a Freight Demand Model with an Application to California 2014 Journal Article
Coupled Linear Programming Approach for Decentralized Control of Urban Traffic 2014 Journal Article
An Instantaneous Kinematic Wave Theory of Diverging Traffic 2013 Journal Article
Dynamic Holding Strategy to Prevent Buses from Bunching 2013 Journal Article
Adaptive Traffic Signal Control With Vehicular Ad hoc Networks 2013 Journal Article
Credit-based Pricing for Multi-user Class Transportation Facilities 2012 Research Report
Dynamic Congestion Pricing Considering Spatial Interactions of Queues 2009 Research Report
An Efficiency-Equity Solution to the Integrated Corridor Control Problem 2008 Research Report
A New Gridding Method for Zonal Travel Activity and Emissions Using Bicubic Spline Interpolation 2004 Journal Article