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Brief: Exploring Unintended Environmental and Social Equity Consequences of Transit-Oriented Development 2019 Brief
Exploring Unintended Environmental and Social-Equity Consequences of Transit Oriented Development 2015 Research Report
Updating the PECAS Modeling Framework to Include Energy Use Data for Buildings 2013 Research Report
Los Angeles County Building Energy Use and GHG Baseline Assessment 2012 Research Report
Developing the California Integrated Land Use/Transportation Model 2009 Research Report
Public vs. Private Mobility for Low Income Households: Transit Improvements vs. Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento Region 2009 Research Report
Neighborhood Economic and Racial Succession: Understanding this Process of Decline and its Effects on Residential Choice in Land Use Models 2009 Journal Article
Nonnormality of Data in Structural Equation Models 2008 Journal Article
Indicators for Sustainable Transportation Planning 2008 Journal Article
Non-normality of Data in Structural Equation Models 2008 Research Report
Modeling Long-Range Transportation and Land Use Scenarios for the Sacramento Region, Using Citizen-Generated Policies 2008 Research Report
Review of U.S. and European Regional Modeling Studies of Policies Intended to Reduce Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2008 Research Report
Interpreting Performance Indicators from a Statewide Integrated Transportation-Land Use Model 2007 Research Report
Integrated urban model for California: Policy evaluation capabilities 2007 Research Report
Exploring the Connections Among Job Accessibility, Employment, Income, and Auto Ownership Using Structural Equation Modeling 2007 Research Report
UPlan: Geographic Information System as Framework for Integrated Land Use Planning Model 2007 Research Report
Multivariate Uncertainty Analysis of an Integrated Land Use and Transportation Model: MEPLAN 2006 Journal Article
Modeling potential species richness and urban buildout to identify mitigation sites along a California highway 2006 Journal Article
Forecasting exurban development to evaluate the influence of land-use policies on wildland and farmland conservation 2005 Research Report
Streamlining the National Environmental Policy Act Process Through Cooperative Local-State-Federal Transportation and Land Use Planning 2004 Journal Article
A Graduate Course Comparing the Major Types of Urban Models 2004 Research Report
UPlan: A Versatile Urban Growth Model for Transportation Planning 2004 Journal Article
Sustainable Development Planning Tools: Suite of Models Useful in Large Metropolitan Regions 2003 Journal Article
Heuristic Policy Analysis of Regional Land Use, Transit, and Travel Pricing Scenarios Using Two Urban Models 2002 Journal Article
A comparison of highway and travel demand management alternatives using an integrated land use and transportation model in the Sacramento region 2002 Research Report
Comprehensive Regional Modeling for Long-Range Planning: Linking Integrated Urban Models and Geographic Information Systems 2000 Journal Article
Automated Highways: Effects on Travel, Emissions, and Traveler Welfare 1999 Journal Article
Evaluation of Advanced Transit Alternatives using Consumer Welfare 1998 Journal Article
Incentives for Local Governments to Implement Travel Demand Management Measures 1997 Journal Article
Travel, Emissions, and Welfare Effects of Travel Demand Management Measures 1997 Journal Article
A Comparative Systems-Level Analysis: Automated Freeways, HOV Lanes, Transit Expansion, Pricing Policies and Land Use Intensification 1997 Research Report
Consumer Welfare Effects and Other Impacts of Travel Demand Management Measures 1997 Research Report
The Effects of New High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes on Travel and Emissions 1996 Journal Article
Travel Modeling with and without Feedback to Trip Distribution 1996 Journal Article
Regional Simulations of Highway and Transit ITS: Travel, Emissions, and Economic Welfare Effects 1996 Presentation Series
Travel, Emissions, and Consumer Benefits of Advanced Transit Technologies in the Sacramento Region 1996 Research Report
Capacity-Allocation Methods for Reducing Urban Traffic Congestion 1995 Journal Article
The Evaluation of Transportation and Land Use Plans Using Linked Economic and GIS Models 1995 Journal Article
Critique of Metropolitan Planning Organizations' Capabilities for Modeling Transportation Control Measures in California 1995 Journal Article
Land Use and Transportation Alternatives 1995 Journal Article
Systems-Level Evaluation of Automated Urban Freeways 1994 Journal Article
Automating Urban Freeways: Financial Analysis for User Groups 1993 Journal Article
Automating Urban Freeways: Policy Research Agenda 1990 Journal Article
Evaluation Methods for Rail Transit Projects 1989 Journal Article
Freeway Automation Policy Issues 1989 Journal Article
Methanol vs. Natural Gas Vehicles: A Comparison of Resource Supply, Performance, Emissions, Fuel Storage, Safety, Costs, and Transitions 1988 Journal Article
Automating Urban Freeways 1988 Journal Article
Transportation Fuels and the Greenhouse Effect 1988 Journal Article
Politics and Technical Uncertainty in Transportation Investment Analysis 1987 Journal Article