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Integrating Renewable Energy with the Long Range Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fleet 2016 Presentation Series
Using the Fleet of Long Range Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2016 Presentation Series
PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future 2016 Reprint
Using the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably from Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy 2015 Reprint
Plug-In HEV with CVT: Configuration, Control, and Its Concurrent Multi-Objective Optimization by Evolutionary Algorithm 2014 Reprint
"The Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle PHEV: Differences with the Battery Electric Vehicle EV" chapter in Grid Electrified Vehicles: Performance, Design and Environmental Impacts 2013 Reprint
Simplifying the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Make it More Affordable 2013 Presentation Series
Lowering Cost and Increasing Electrification using the Dual Fuel PHEVs 2013 Presentation Series
Electrification of Taxi Cabs in Major Chinese Cities with Range Extended Electric Vehicles 2012 Research Report
A Fifteen Year Roadmap Toward Complete Energy Sustainability 2012 Research Report
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Help Towards a Zero-Carbon Emissions Future 2009 Presentation Series
Design, Demonstrations and Sustainability Impact Assessments for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2009 Reprint
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future 2007 Reprint
Hybrid Vehicles Gain Traction 2006 Reprint
Conceptual Design and Simulation of a Small Hybrid-Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2006 Reprint
Design and Development of a Parallel Hybrid Powertrain for a High Performance Sport Utility Vehicle 2005 Reprint
Design Improvements on a Vee Belt CVT and Application to a New In-line CVT Concept 2005 Reprint
Energy Consumption Test Methods and Results for Servo-Pump Continuously Variable Transmission Control System 2005 Reprint
Application of a CMAC Neural Network to the Control of a Parallel Hybrid-Electric Propulsion System for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2005 Reprint
The Control of a Parallel Hybrid-Electric Propulsion System for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using a CMAC Neural Network 2005 Reprint
Comparison of Energy Consumption and Power Losses of a Conventionally Controlled CVT with a Servo-Hydraulic Controlled CVT and with a Belt and Chain as the Torque Transmitting Element 2004 Reprint
The Design of an Inline GCI Chain CVT For Large Vehicles 2004 Reprint
Engine Optimization Concepts for CVT-Hybrid Systems to Obtain the Best Performance and Fuel Efficiency 2004 Reprint
Design and Development of the 2002 UC Davis FutureTruck 2003 Reprint
Exhaust Gas Driven Generator with Altitude Compensation for Battery Dominant Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2003 Reprint
Design and Development of the UC Davis FutureTruck 2002 Reprint
Design and Development of the UC Davis FutureTruck 2001 Research Report
A Mid-Sized Sedan Designed for High Fuel Economy and Low Emissions: The 1999 UC Davis FutureCar 1999 Research Report
The Continued Design and Development of the University of California, Davis FutureCar 1998 Presentation Series
Remote Vehicle Telepresence and Three Dimensional Video Systems for Use in Heavy Earth Moving Equipment 1996 Reprint
Analysis of a Series/Fail-Safe Electro-Hydrostatic Brake System Concept 1996 Reprint
A Technical Solution for Future Transportation Using the Existing Roadway and Urban/Suburban Infrastructure and Policies 1996 Reprint
Meeting Both ZEV and PNGV Goals with a Hybrid Electric Vehicle - An Exploration 1996 Reprint
A Vehicle Mass Transit System for Greatly Improved Mobility Using the Existing Infrastructure 1995 Reprint
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Development at the University of California, Davis: The Design of Ground FX 1994 Reprint
Super Car Design Construction 1994 Presentation Series
Vehicle Design Optimization for Minimizing Operating Costs of Electric Vehicles 1993 Presentation Series
Simulation of a Vehicle Platoon Control System for Automatic Highway Using the Fuzzy Control Concept 1991 Reprint
Longitudinal Control Concepts for Automated Automobiles and Trucks Operating on a Cooperative Highway 1989 Reprint
On Obtaining the Best Fuel Economy and Performance for Vehicles with Engine-CVT Transmissions 1988 Reprint
Directional Stability Augmentation for All Wheel Drive Vehicles 1988 Reprint
A Mass Transit System for Cars to Increase Freeway Use 1988 Reprint
Analysis of Energy-Storage Concepts for Refuse Collection Trucks 1984 Reprint
Optimal Control for Maximum Mileage of a Flywheel Energy-Storage Vehicle 1982 Reprint
Design Considerations for Flywheel-Transmission Automobiles 1980 Reprint
Evaluation of the Flywheel Drive Concept for Passenger Vehicles 1979 Reprint
Improving Vehicle Fuel Economy with Hybrid Power Systems 1978 Reprint
A Technique for Obtaining an Engine Emissions Model Based on Continuous EPA-CVS Test Data and a Dynamic Vehicle Model 1976 Reprint
Electric and Electric-Hybrid Cars-Evaluation and Comparison 1973 Reprint
Computer Simulation of the University of Wisconsin Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Concept 1973 Reprint