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Who’s Driving Electric Cars 2020 Book Chapter
Policy Guide: Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles: Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2018 Brief
Driving the Market for Plug-In Vehicles: Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2018 Research Report
Steering the Electric Vehicle Transition to Sustainability 2018 Research Report
The Dynamics of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the Secondary Market and Their Implication for Vehicle Demand, Durability, and Emissions 2018 Research Report
A Review of Consumer Preferences of and Interactions with Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2018 Journal Article
Barriers to the Adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles: A Qualitative Investigation into Early Adopters Attitudes 2017 Journal Article
The Effectiveness of Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles: A Review of the Evidence 2017 Journal Article
Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles – A Review of the Evidence 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Developing PEV Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Reoccurring Incentives 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Financial Purchase Incentives 2017 Research Report
Advanced Plug-in Electric Vehicle Travel and Charging Behavior 2016 Presentation Series
First Look at the Plug-in Vehicle Secondary Market 2016 Working Paper
Advanced Plug-in Electric Vehicle Travel and Charging Behavior Interim Report 2016 Research Report
Can We Achieve 100 Million Plug-in Cars by 2030? 2016 Research Report
Rethinking the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles in the Transition to Low Carbon Transportation: Risks and Opportunities 2016 Journal Article
Developing Strategies for Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Integration in California: A Qualitative Analysis of Expert Opinions 2015 Research Report
Integrating Plug-in Electric Vehicles into the Grid: Policy Entrepreneurship in California 2015 Research Report
Overcoming Barriers to Deployment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles 2015 Journal Article
Chrysler Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project 2014 Research Report
Plug-In Electric Vehicles: A Case Study of Seven Markets 2014 Research Report
New Car Dealers and Retail Innovation in California's Plug-In Electric Vehicle Market 2014 Working Paper
Zero-emission Vehicles and Retail Innovation in the U.S. Automotive Sector: The Consumer Purchase Experience and Dealer Engagement 2014 Research Report
Learning about Electric Vehicle Range: Findings from the UC Davis MINI E Consumer Study 2012 Research Report
Consumer Perceptions and Use of Driving Distance of Electric Vehicles: Changes over Time Through Lifestyle Learning Process 2012 Journal Article
"The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Pathway" chapter 2 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Journal Article
The UC Davis MINI E Consumer Study 2011 Research Report
Taking Charge: Establishing California Leadership in the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Marketplace 2010 Journal Article
Driving Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Reports from U.S. Drivers of HEVs converted to PHEVs, circa 2006-07 2008 Research Report
Fuel Economy: What Drives Consumer Choice? 2008 Journal Article
Symbolism in California’s Early Market for Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2008 Journal Article
Symbolism and the Adoption of Fuel-Cell Vehicles 2007 Journal Article
Car buyers and fuel economy? 2007 Journal Article
Symbolism in Early Markets for Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2007 Research Report
Quantifying the Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles 2006 Research Report
A Primer on Automobile Semiotics 2006 Research Report
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Refining the Message Initiating a National Dialogue and Educational Agenda 2005 Presentation Series
Effects of Vehicle Image in Gasoline-Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2005 Research Report
Analysis of Auto Industry and Consumer Response to Regulations and Technological Change, and Customization of Consumer Response Models in Support of AB 1493 Rulemaking 2004 Research Report
Analysis of Consumer Response to Automobile Regulation and Technological Change in Support of California Climate Change Rulemaking 2004 Research Report
Automobile Buyer Decisions about Fuel Economy and Fuel Efficiency 2004 Research Report
The Price of Regulation 2004 Journal Article
Prospecting the Future For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Markets 2003 Research Report
Marketing Clean and Efficient Vehicles: A Review of Social Marketing and Social Science Approaches 2002 Research Report
Household Adaptations to New Personal Transport Options: Constraints and Opportunities in Household Activity Spaces 2002 Journal Article
Transportation in Developing Countries: Greenhouse Gas Scenarios for Chile 2002 Journal Article
Marketing Clean and Efficient Vehicles: Workshop Proceedings 2001 Research Report
Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Transport Sector 2000-2020: Case Study for Chile 2000 Research Report

A Study of Visitor Bicycle Use in Yosemite Valley

2000 Research Report
Employee Travel in Yosemite National Park 2000 Research Report
Progress in Electric Vehicle Technology and Electric Vehicles from 1990 to 2000: The Role of California's Zero Emission Vehicle Production Requirement 2000 Research Report
Yosemite Area Traveler Information System Changeable Message Sign and Highway Advisory Radio July 1998 Field Test Report 1999 Research Report
Adapting Interactive Stated Response Techniques to a Self-Completion Survey 1998 Journal Article
Evaluation of the TransCal Field Operational Test: An Advanced Traveler Information System in California and Nevada 1998 Research Report
Yosemite Area Traveler Information (YATI) System User, Institutional and System Performance Evaluations for the July 1996 to June 1997 Field Operational Test 1997 Research Report
ISTEA Renewal: Environment and Equity 1997 Research Report
Le Marché pour les Véhicules Électriques: Il ne Suffit Pas de se Demander Combien Nous en Vendrons 1996 Journal Article
Testing Electric Vehicle Demand in 'Hybrid Households' using a Reflexive Survey 1996 Journal Article
Demand for Electric Vehicles by Hybrid Households 1996 Presentation Series
Redefining the Market: Six Emerging Markets for Small Electric Vehicles 1996 Presentation Series
The Marketability of Electric Vehicles: Battery Performance and Consumer Demand for Driving Range 1996 Presentation Series
The Household Market for Electric Vehicles: Testing the Hybrid Household Hypothesis – A Reflexively Designed Survey of New-car-buying, Multi-vehicle California Households 1995 Research Report
Household Markets For Neighborhood Electric Vehicles In California 1995 Research Report
Who Will Buy Electric Cars? 1995 Journal Article
Segmentation and Size of the Market for Battery Powered and Hybrid Electric Vehicles in California: A Diary Based Survey of New Car Buyers in California 1994 Presentation Series
Demand for Electric Vehicles in Hybrid Households: An Exploratory Analysis 1994 Journal Article
Electric Vehicle Owners: Tests of Assumptions and Lessons on Future Behavior from 100 Electric Vehicle Owners in California 1994 Research Report
Lifestyles and Life Politics: Towards a Green Car Market 1994 Research Report
Market Potential of Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles 1992 Research Report
Household Decision Behavior and Demand for Limited Range Vehicles: Results of PIREG, a Diary Based, Interview Game for Evaluation of the Electric Vehicle Market 1992 Presentation Series
A Study of Adaptive and Optimizing Behavior for Electric Vehicles Based on Interactive Simulation Games and Revealed Behavior of Electric Vehicle Owners 1992 Presentation Series
How Far Can the Electric Vehicle Market Go on 100 Miles (162 Km)? 1992 Presentation Series
Theories of New Technology Purchase Decisions: The Case of Alternative Fuel Vehicles 1992 Journal Article
Consumer Acceptance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Avoidance Systems 1991 Journal Article
The Development of the Alternative Fueled Vehicles Market: Its Impact on Consumer Decision Processes 1991 Presentation Series
The Market for Electric Vehicles 1991 Presentation Series
A Decision Process Model for Analyzing Consumer Purchases of Alternative-Fueled Vehicles: The Case of CNG Vehicle Conversions in British Columbia 1989 Research Report