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Brief: Freight Companies Can Share Assets to Achieve Cost and Emission Reductions and Transition to Zero Emission Vehicles 2023 Brief
Brief: Jobs and Automation in the Freight and Warehousing Sector 2023 Brief
Assessing E-retailer’s Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022 Research Report
Brief: Minimizing the Impact of Freight Traffic on Disadvantaged Communities 2022 Brief
Development of a Logistics Decision Support Tool for Small and Medium Companies to Evaluate the Impacts of Environmental Regulations in California 2022 Research Report
Brief: Do Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems Provide Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities? 2022 Brief
Brief: Future Connected and Automated Vehicle Adoption Will Likely Increase Car Dependence and Reduce Transit Use Without Policy Intervention 2022 Brief
Travel Demand Modeling Methodology Recommendations for the Link21 Program 2022 Research Report
A Cost-Based Comparative Analysis of Different Last-Mile Strategies for E-commerce Delivery 2022 Journal Article
Analysis of Intelligent Vehicle Technologies to Improve Vulnerable Road Users Safety at Signalized Intersections 2022 Research Report
E-Commerce and Mobility Trends During COVID-19 2022 Book Chapter
National Impacts of E-commerce Growth: Development of a Spatial Demand Based Tool 2022 Research Report
Brief: Planning Can Maximize Benefits and Mitigate Negative Consequences of Future Travel Increases from E-Commerce 2022 Brief
Brief: How Intelligent Vehicle Technologies Can Improve Vulnerable Road User Safety at Signalized Intersections 2022 Brief
Were COVID Pedestrian Streets Good for Business? Interviews and Surveys Reveal a Recipe for Success  2022 Research Report
Jobs and Automated Freight Transportation: How Automation Affects the Freight Industry and What to Do About It 2022 Research Report
Impacts of Precautionary and Opportunistic Buying Behaviors and Supply Issues on Supply Chain Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022 Journal Article
Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and Equity Considerations 2022 Journal Article
Crowdshipping in Last Mile Deliveries: Operational Challenges and Research Opportunities 2021 Journal Article
Brief: The Sustainability of Alternative Last-Mile Delivery Strategies 2021 Brief
Fighting for Curb Space: Parking, Ride-Hailing, Urban Freight Deliveries, and Other Users 2021 Research Report
Emissions Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployment in California 2021 Research Report
Brief: Curbside Management Is Critical for Minimizing Emissions and Congestion 2021 Brief
Brief: Costs, Reliability, Vehicle Characteristics, and Incentives are the Top Factors Influencing Freight Vehicle Technology Choices 2021 Brief
Cargo Routing and Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Research Report
Empirical Analysis of the Role of Incentives in Zero-Emission Last-Mile Deliveries in California 2021 Journal Article
Spatial Analysis of the 2018 Logistics Performance Index Using Multivariate Kernel Function to Improve Geographically Weighted Regression Models 2021 Journal Article
Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems: Analysis of Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Research Report
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Flows in Southern California 2021 Journal Article
Bikeshare Destination Choices and Accessibility Among Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Journal Article
Multi-Expert Disaster Risk Management & Response Capabilities Assessment Using Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 2020 Journal Article
Brief: Automation, Electrification, and Shared Mobility in Freight 2020 Brief
Fostering the Use of Zero and Near Zero Emission Vehicles in Freight Operations 2020 Research Report
Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Online Shopping: A Behavioral and Transportation Approach 2020 Journal Article
Active Transportation and Community Health Impacts of Automated Vehicle Scenarios: An Integration of the San Francisco Bay Area Activity Based Travel Demand Model and the Integrated Transport and Health Impacts Model (ITHIM) 2020 Journal Article
Automation, electrification, and shared mobility in urban freight: opportunities and challenges 2020 Journal Article
Bikesharing, equity, and disadvantaged communities: A case study in Chicago 2020 Journal Article
Driving cycles that reproduce driving patterns, energy consumptions and tailpipe emissions 2020 Journal Article
Enhancing Equitable Service Level: Which Can Address Better, Dockless or Dock-Based Bikeshare Systems? 2020 Journal Article
Evaluating Sustainable Vehicle Technologies for Freight Transportation Using Spherical Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS 2020 Journal Article
Health Impact Assessment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco, Bay Area 2020 Journal Article
Effects of Increased Weights of Alternative Fuel Trucks on Pavement and Bridges 2020 Research Report
Brief: Heavier Alternative Fuel Trucks Are Not Expected to Cause Significant Additional Pavement Damage 2020 Brief
Spatioâ€Temporal Analysis of Freight Patterns in Southern California 2020 Research Report
Brief: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Patterns in Southern California 2020 Brief
Automation, Electrification, and Shared Mobility in Freight 2020 Research Report
The Impacts of Automated Vehicles on Center City Parking Demand 2020 Research Report
Brief: E-commerce is Reshaping the Warehousing Landscape – and it May Impact Disadvantaged Communities 2020 Brief
Analytical Modeling Framework to Assess the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Residential Deliveries, and Evaluate Sustainable Last-Mile Strategies 2020 Research Report
Brief: Automated Vehicles are Expected to Increase Driving and Emissions Without Policy Intervention 2020 Brief
E-commerce, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and the Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities 2020 Research Report
Estimating Activity and Health Impacts of First and Last Mile Transit Access Programs for Work and Shopping Trips Using Sharing Mobility Services in the Metropolitan Area 2019 Journal Article
Inventory and Fleet Purchase Decisions Under a Sustainable Regulatory Environment 2019 Journal Article
Multi-Criteria and Multi-Expert Wind Power Farm Location Selection Using a Pythagorean Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process 2019 Journal Article
Estimating Activity and Health Impacts of First and Last Mile Transit Access Programs for Work and Shopping Trips Using Sharing Mobility Services in the Metropolitan Area 2019 Journal Article
Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Online Shopping: A Behavioral Analysis Using the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) Data 2019 Journal Article
Simulation-Optimization Framework to Evaluate a Sustainable First Mile Transit Access Program Using Shared Mobility 2019 Journal Article
Competition among Automated Taxis, Transit, and Conventional Passenger Vehicles: Traffic Effects in the San Francisco Bay Area 2019 Journal Article
Station-Level Analysis for Bikeshare Activity in Disadvantaged Communities 2019 Research Report
Assessing Vulnerability of Transportation Networks for Disaster Response Operations 2018 Research Report
Evaluating the Use of Zero-Emission Vehicles in Last Mile Deliveries 2018 Research Report
The New York City Off-Hour Delivery Program: A Business and Community-Friendly Sustainability Program 2018 Journal Article
Development of a Freight System Conceptualization and Impact Assessment (Fre-SCANDIA) Framework 2018 Research Report
Automated Vehicle Scenarios: Simulation of System-Level Travel Effects Using Agent-Based Demand and Supply Models in the San Francisco Bay Area 2018 Research Report
A Comparison of Zero-Emission Highway Trucking Technologies 2018 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Warehousing and Distribution Center Facilities in Southern California: The Use of the Commodity Flow Survey Data to Identify Logistics Sprawl and Freight Generation Patterns 2017 Research Report
Fostering Unassisted Off-Hour Deliveries: The Role of Incentives 2017 Journal Article
Using Commodity Flow Survey Microdata and Other Establishment Data to Estimate the Generation of Freight, Freight Trips, and Service Trips: Guidebook 2017 Journal Article
NCST White Paper: Strategies to Maximize Asset Utilization in the California Freight System: Part I - Background and General Recommendations 2016 Research Report
NCST White Paper: Strategies to Maximize Asset Utilization in the California Freight System: Part II - Strategies 2016 Research Report
Large Urban Freight Traffic Generators: Opportunities for City Logistics Initiatives 2015 Journal Article
An Investigation of the Effects of Critical Infrastructure on Urban Mobility in the City of Medellín 2014 Journal Article
The Colombian Strategic Freight Transport Model Based on Product Analysis 2014 Journal Article
The Tohoku Disasters: Chief Findings Concerning the Post Disaster Humanitarian Logistics Response 2014 Journal Article
Material Convergence: An Important and Understudied Disaster Phenomenon 2014 Journal Article
"Comprehensive Freight Demand Data Collection Framework for Large Urban Areas," chapter from Sustainable Urban Logistics: Concepts, Methods and Information Systems 2014 Journal Article
Fostering the Use of Unassisted Off-Hour Deliveries: Operational and Low Noise Truck Technologies 2013 Journal Article
Improving Post-Disaster Humanitarian Logistics: Three Key Lessons from Catastrophic Events 2013 Journal Article
"Logistics and the Management of Critical Supplies Following Catastrophes," chapter in Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Disasters 2013 Journal Article
"Vehicle-Trip Estimation Models", chapter in Modeling Freight Transport 2013 Journal Article
"Freight Generations and Trip Generation Models," chapter in Modeling Freight Transport 2013 Journal Article
On the Appropriate Objective Function for Post-Disaster Humanitarian Logistics Models 2013 Journal Article
Freight Generation and Land Use 2013 Journal Article
Transferability of Freight Trip Generation Models 2013 Journal Article
Comparative Analyses of the Stated Behavioral Responses to Off-Hour Delivery Policies 2013 Journal Article
Parking in the City: Challenges for Freight Traffic 2013 Journal Article
"Innovative Use of Technologies for Parking Management at University Campuses," chapter in Innovative Ways of Knowledge Representation and Management 2012 Journal Article
Freight Trip Generation and Land Use 2012 Journal Article
Comparative Performance of Alternative Humanitarian Logistic Structures after the Port au Prince Earthquake: ACEs, PIEs, and CANs 2012 Journal Article
Immediate Resource Requirements after Hurricane Katrina 2012 Journal Article
On the Unique Features of Humanitarian Logistics 2012 Journal Article
Facility Location in Disasters: Voronoi-Based Heuristic Algorithm with Application to Hurricane Katrina 2012 Journal Article
Feasibility Study for Freight Data Collection - Final Report to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council 2011 Journal Article
Freight Generation, Freight Trip Generation, and the Perils of Using Constant Trip Rates 2011 Journal Article